The process of hand looming involves between 2-4 people working in unison to operate a large hand looming device. When making a new design or quality, considerable time goes into pre-planning to recalibrate the loom for its specific purpose.

This process of rug making principally involves interlacing the warp and weft, which is facilitated by the loom itself. Then the weavers manoeuvre the wool or bamboo silk through and between the interlacing by hand, layer by layer. After each layer, they are then compounded beater to ensure each series of knots is tight and secure.

This is by far the most time efficient way of making quality rugs by hand. As such, handloomed rugs are characterised by a luscious thick pile and strong textural depth. At Hali we ensure that we continuously employ the same premium materials in our handloomed rugs that we use in our handknotted pieces so that they have a similar shine and aesthetic.