Your Modern Home Deserves A Natural Fiber Rug

Many people believe that natural-fiber rugs are the best type of floor mat. The main reasons for this are that they have an earthy texture which makes you feel relaxed as you walk, they are suitable for any space, and their higher durability makes them worthy for buyers.

Right now, there is a variety of rugs available in the market. How can you choose the right one? Below, we'll guide you through the four most common types of natural fiber so you can identify the right one of your choice. 

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Why Is Jute Rug In Top Demand? 

Jute plants produce bast fibers, similar to willow trees. Jute is most commonly used in the textile industry, as it is both dense and durable. Additionally, jute is environmentally friendly, so it not only can be used to make rugs but also for bags and ropes.

This plant is usually grown in Asia, but jute plantations are also common in Brazil; you can't find these fibers easily. For the jute, these regions are proven as high-quality and consistent suppliers of the best quality jute products.

The fiber used in jute rugs is natural, soft, and durable. Pet lovers consider these rugs because they are pet-friendly and easy to clean. 

Quick Tip To Clean: All you need is a vacuum cleaner. The cleaning process doesn't require proper washing like you mostly waste your time in carpet cleaning. 

Jute rugs come thicker than natural fiber rugs such as sisal or seaweed. In primary cases, it is mixed with chenille. Adding chenille is crucial because they become soft, and kids can play easily on it. 

Why Use Sisal Rug In The Living Room? 

In our assortment, sisal rugs are the top in demand if you love the natural rug. These rugs perfectly complement your space no matter where you set them. They can be suitable for any commercial, business, or home, and natural sisal is the weave they select most of the time.

These rugs are made of Agave plant leaves, resulting in a strong and stiff fiber. The purpose of these rugs is to provide a soft texture for your feet or any pet animals that you may have.

Sea Grass Rugs Are the Best Choice For Indoor Space

These famous natural fiber flooring rugs are made from seagrass. Seagrass is grass that grows in Asia and Europe, typically in low-lying meadows. These seagrass leaves can provide texture and softness to rugs and carpets when woven together in a home, similar to what designers and homeowners appreciate.

Seagrass is a water plant with non-porous fibers that make the rug an ideal material for everything from mats to rugs. The good thing about these rugs is that you can place them anywhere in the house. We recommend you choose a rectangular shape that covers the maximum area of the floor. 

Final Words

Our natural fiber rugs bring a touch of natural beauty to any home space, whether it's a living room, hallway, or dining area. Hopefully, these blogs will increase the knowledge about natural fiber rugs. 

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