Your Guide to Making Persian Rugs look as Good as New

You would have spent quite a lot to purchase handmade Persian rugs, so it is important that you provide the best care for it. Once Persian rugs are installed in your room, they easily become susceptible to debris, dirt, and stains. One of the first things you should know, before beginning to clean, is the material of the rug. Different materials require distinct cleaning methods. This guide will help you out in keeping your Persian rugs online Australia in good shape.

3 Fundamental tips to take care of your rugs:

No matter the type of rug you use, the following tips will be useful:

  • Remove dirt with vacuuming: Using a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended to clean a major portion of your rugs. Removing grit and grime on time will prevent your rug from wearing out soon.
  • Turn rugs periodically: Depending on where you are placing the rugs in your home, it will be exposed to more or less sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun, combined with foot traffic, will adversely impact your rugs. This is why experts recommend you to turn the rugs once or twice a year.
  • Eliminate pet hair: If you have one or more pets at home, you may know they’d leave behind pet hair on rugs or carpets. Remove the hair with the help of a stiff brush. Make sure to brush in the direction of the rug nap, so that it'll be easier for you to keep it free from hair or dander.

Cleaning your antique or Persian rugs:

Experts suggest that you always purchase handmade Persian rugs online Australia, since they are easier to clean and maintain compared to machine-made rugs.  As hand knotted rugs are made using top quality natural materials such as wool, they won't take damage as much. However, if you are using an antique Persian rug in a high traffic area, extra care should be given to prolong its life.

Antique rugs can be protected by placing a nylon screen over them before vacuuming. Regardless, it is always ideal to hire a professional rug cleaning service who knows how to take good care of your valuable rugs. They will use only the right cleaning materials and tools to clean your delicate rugs. When exploring Persian rug sale, make sure to ask the supplier for some maintenance tips. The seller can recommend how to take good care of it, based on the type and construction.

Removing Stains from Rugs:

Stains on rugs is a common issue that almost every user faces. The key is to blot the stain, instead of aggressively rubbing it. Make sure to remove the stain as quickly as possible. Talk to the expert if you have any questions.

After you buy Persian rugs, regular cleaning and maintenance will help them last for many years. Having them professionally cleaned once every year will be extra helpful.