Why People Love Handmade Oriental Rugs?

Handmade oriental rugs are pretty much everywhere these days. You could see them in the windows of stores and at homes. It's beautiful design and vibrant colours add beauty to the interiors of homes and businesses. Turns out, handmade oriental rugs have been available for centuries and people just couldn't get enough of it. What makes handmade oriental rugs so demanded? Here are a few facts that will let you know why:

Handmade Rugs are far better than Machine Made Rugs:

There are handmade and machine-made rugs available in the market, but the former is considered to be superior. When you purchase handmade rugs, you will see how they are perfectly crafted by hand. This means a lot of time and effort have been put into it, which is why they are so valuable. The wool or rug would be spun first, after which it has to be dyed. The wool is then woven into a rug. These processes take some time when they are handmade, but the end product would be of great quality and durability compared with machine made rugs.

The Beauty Lies in its Imperfections:

Ironically, the value of handmade rugs depends on the flaws or pattern changes found in it. Imperfections add beauty and add character to the oriental rugs. Handmade oriental rugs do have some imperfections because of a number of aspects involved in the manufacturing process. Sometimes, you would see that it has an unusual border, or that the dye is inconsistent throughout. Nevertheless, people like these flaws and they are willing to pay for rugs that are made the traditional way.

Handmade Oriental Rugs are Sustainable:

Another factor that makes handmade oriental rugs appealing is that they are ecofriendly compared to its machine-made counterparts. This is because, authentic handmade carpets online are made using natural materials, such as pure silk and wool. They're also dyed with vegetable-based colours. On the other hand, machine made rugs are made using synthetic materials that emit toxic chemicals. Even better, handmade oriental rugs have great longevity and biodegradability. Hence, make sure that you purchase one that are made of environment friendly materials.

Handmade Oriental Rugs Increase in Value Over Time:

Handmade rugs are considered to have good value in the industry. The overall price of an oriental rug is determined by its age, origin, and method of manufacturing. Only deal with a reliable supplier who offers authentic rugs that are worth paying for. Hand knotted oriental rugs are great pieces of art that wouldn’t depreciate in value for years to come.

Every rug has its story and an oriental rug is no exception. Add beauty and elegance to your interiors by purchasing the finest handmade rugs online today.