Why Are Handmade Rugs Better than Machine-made Rugs?

Wonderful interiors are incomplete without unique rugs. Antique handmade rugs can serve as discussion starters or statement pieces in a room's overall design.

Great rugs provide warmth and pleasure to your feet. They are not only to decorate a room, whether it's the living room, bedroom, or dining room, but they also provide joy and arouse the soul. These lovely rugs are ageless symbols that connect function and beauty, as well as a space and the people who live in it. Their durability contributes to their timeless appeal. If a magnificent work of art can last a long time, it is due to good care and maintenance that it cannot only be appealing for years but for generations.

These tangible handcrafts lessen sound, add structure, and a splash of color. They come in an endless variety of styles, just as today's interiors. They can be used and displayed in a variety of settings and a variety of ways. Rugs and tribal textiles look fantastic when displayed on the wall.

Rugs that are handcrafted have a rich history. They have a magnificent quality, and people can't help but be fascinated by their beauty wherever they are spotted.

The superiority of handmade rugs

There is a big difference between handmade rugs and machine-made rugs. The handmade rugs are mainly made from cotton, wool, or silk thread, with a tight weave and better quality. It is easy to repair and ages like fine wine. While, machine-made rugs are made out of synthetic fibers, mainly polyester, olefin, and acrylic. These materials are cheap and not long-lasting at all. They get matted easily, and they are not able to come back to their original state.  

Handmade rugs save money

Unlike machine-made rugs, handmade rugs are a type of investment. They will not go out of style, and their value will nearly always increase with time. According to the renowned journalist, Chloe Cho, it's "An Investment You Can Walk On."

Hand-made rugs are more durable than machine-made ones, as they are not produced with glue or adhesive. Each wool or silk strand is looped around an adjacent knot and secured with its knot in a hand-knotted rug. Those antiques can still appear as good as the day you brought them home after decades.

Handmade rugs are the best due to their imperfections

Despite having human errors, some people do not understand why hand-woven rugs are still more valuable than machine-made ones. Interestingly, the flaws and pattern variations of handmade ones are part of their appeal.

Some of the most beautiful rugs contain numerous defects. In fact, in many situations, human imperfections are purposefully depicted in the rugs. Due to the many aspects that go into manufacturing handmade carpets, they show a certain aesthetic due to their flaws. 

Value of handcrafted rug increases with time

It doesn't matter if it's Persian, Turkish, Afghan, or Oriental, every rug has a story to tell, and learning these details is the most rewarding aspect of owning one.

Aside from being entertaining and interesting, knowing your rug's history has important financial implications.

It's critical to know where, how, and when your rug was created. After all, the design began as a mental picture influenced by something. It was then woven someplace, whether on the side of the road, at home, or in a shop. The rug was moved from one location to another after it was manufactured.

The history of rugs is always fascinating, and it becomes a source of pride for the owner. As time passes, additional stories begin to revolve around them. This enables the rug's owner to resell it for a significantly higher price.

Final words

In today’s world, many people understand the value of a handwoven rug. However, the majority of individuals lack the knowledge and skill to distinguish between hand-made and machine-made one. However, only those with the most experience in the rug-making industry should be trusted.

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