What Is So Special About Persian Rugs?

Only one word. Beauty. That is right, the beauty of Persian rugs is what makes them so special. Not just in the Middle East, but these rugs have global recognition. Their intricate designs fill the gap that other rugs commonly lack. The general population aside, but the Persian rugs are appreciated by both antique and rugs experts as well as the decor enthusiasts who have a thing for their superior quality and unique design.

The History Of Persian Carpets

Persian rugs originated from Iran and have a well-known history with Iran and parts of Persia before it, including the surrounding regions too. Initially, the art and skill of weaving these rugs date back to as old as the year 500 B.C.E. and has become an integral part of all Irani and Persian traditions. The artists responsible for weaving such beautiful rugs are held in extremely high regard and even hundreds of years into the future, the art of weaving such rugs is still considered a valuable skill. Moreover, history suggests that the skill of weaving Persian carpets is passed down from generation to generation as per the traditions and the styles and traditions are embedded in these family trees.

Unique Art Pieces

If you think that the sole purpose of Persian rugs is to adequately decorate the floor then let us tell you that this is not the case. To some extent, Persian rugs are used for floor decors but they are undoubtedly a unique piece of art. Every single genuine Persian rug out there is truly one of its kind. You will never see two genuine rugs with the same design and color. Furthermore, the designs of the Persian rugs, especially the colors are known to be quite vibrant and rich. The natural dyes used to make these rugs are utterly natural as they come from special and specific types of plants that are only found in the Persian state or the nearby areas. Due to the fact that these genuine Persian rugs are weaved by hand, they are far superior in quality as compared to their counterparts made by machine. The hand weaved Persian rugs are extremely durable and can last longer than you would expect.

Is It Worth It To Spend In Persian Carpets?

If you are not so familiar with the highly recognized reputation of genuine Persian rugs, then you are probably wondering if they are really worth the money. In all honesty, the answer is quite subjective as it is entirely dependant on your wants and needs as a consumer. Whereas, for those who have a steady and adequate budget, know what they want, and are looking for an antique or a classic piece then there are few better choices.

For the people who are still on the edge, you may find it easier to understand that an original Persian rug is in a completely different class than the artificially made rugs in factories. Not just the quality, but knowing that you possess one of a kind piece of art that holds certain history and significance, and has a unique story behind it is what makes Persian rugs so special.

From Where Can I Purchase A Genuine Persian Rug?

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Conclusive Thoughts

This blog was entirely focused on Persian rugs and what makes them so unique. The purpose of this blog was to enlighten our readers about the uniqueness of Persian rugs and why you should own one.

With that being said, if you require any further information, feel free to reach out to us. Our credentials can be readily found on our website.