What Is A Kashan Rug And Why You May Need It

Kashan rugs are a type of Persian rugs that belong to the region of Kashan in Iran. They are very popular not only locally, but in other countries as well. The rugs are created by knotting good quality wool into finely-tied patterns. Silk is also rarely used in the production of these rugs.

These rugs derive their popularity and appreciation from their durability. Expert craftsmen knot these rugs with ultimate precision and attention to detail. The dense knotting ensures that the rug stays resistant to wear and tear for a long time. The borders are usually designed with floral designs, whereas some are crafted with different patterns spread all over. They are most commonly developed in the colours; red, blue and beige.

History Of Kashan Rugs:

In the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, there lies a Kashan rug by the name of Ardebil. This rug is said to have been tied in the city of Kashan, lying between Isfahan and Tehran. Kashan lies near the Silk Road, and it served as one of the most important trading places within the Persian Empire in the past. The road still exists, however, it has lost its importance.

Very few provinces can compete with the meticulous production and excellent craftsmanship found in Kashan rugs. Keshan is the word that identifies something that is high in standard and is produced following a traditional pattern. The combination of good quality wool and finest craftsmanship creates one of the most famous Persian carpets. i.e. the Kashan rug. You can now buy authentic Kashan rugs in Australia through Rugs Online.

What A Kashan Rug Is Like?

Kashan rugs are high in quality and incorporate silk in their designs sometimes. The major composition of the finest Kashan rugs is cotton, however, some of them are purely made of silk. Most of the carpets have similar patterns, with a medallion in the centre and Persian floral motifs along the borders. The design blends in the Shah Abbasi motif to form beautiful patterns.

The designs vary from region to region and are considered amongst the most beautiful rugs in the world. Natural dyes and impressive natural shine are the elements that define an authentic Kashan rug. Soft green, ivory and bright red are amongst the most commonly used colours in this type of rug.

Why You Need a Kashan Rug?

If you are wondering how to refresh your living room or bedroom space, a Kashan rug may be the answer. These extremely artistic and classic decorative pieces have the ability to amp up any living space.

You can place it right under the table in the living room. It will add a touch of vintage to the overall look of the room. Not only that, a Kashan rug is comfortable enough to be sat on. You can place it in a corner to create a cosy corner where people can sit on the floor and play games or watch movies.

Floor detailing can add a great deal to the overall design and aura of the room, and a rug can work to elevate the charm of any space with its magnificent shine and antique looks.

If you want to add a rug to your bedroom, consider laying a Kashan rug near the foot of the bed. Get rid of the bedroom bench and have a Kashan rug in its place instead. It will add colour to your room and make it look more welcoming.

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