Types Of Rugs That Can Go Well With Your Dining Room

The dining room is the hub of your home, where most of the activities take place. You entertain the guests in the dining room, spend valuable time with friends and family, and eat your regular meals. To keep your dining room in the best shape, it’s of utmost importance that your dining room accessories complement the interior. When talking about accessories, rugs indeed take the leading position. Looking for a rug that’s both stylish and practical is essential to make your dining room pop. Here’s a guide that will help you find the best rugs for the dining room.

 The Rug Should Fit In Naturally

Most people believe that choosing your rugs before decorating is a smart idea. This hack usually works, but what about the cases where you already love the decor and want to incorporate a new rug? In such cases, you should find a rug that naturally fits in and does not look forced. It should complement the style and decor of your room.

For instance, if your dining room is painted dark red and the furniture is mahogany, the ideal choice of the rug would be darker tones. The entire dining room is centered around the dining table so that you can frame it with an area rug. However, do not go overboard on bright colors. Lower tones would subtly highlight the features and accentuate your dining room.

The Rug Longevity

There is a wide variety of rugs to choose from. With the fabrics, designs, and materials, the choices are infinite. In the case of a dining room rug, the fabric should add an element of style to the room while being tough and durable.

Short-pile and flatweave rugs are ideal for the dining room. They have excellent longevity and also prevent jarring of the chairs against the material. If you want thick and fluffy rugs, shag rugs are a great choice. They are really comfortable, but if there’s a lot of movement in your dining room, they will wear down over time.

Natural fiber rugs like cotton and wool can be easily cleaned when subjected to stains. Although you should avoid synthetic fiber blends as they can trap the dirt and are difficult to clean.

Avoid Lighter Shades

Needless to say, choosing a rug in lighter tones is not really a wise move. Lighter shade rugs such as white, light greys, beige, nudes, pink, etc., are more likely to stain and get dirty in no time.

While making them more difficult to stain, darker shades also blend the room and serve as a striking centerpiece. Using a bright-colored geometric patterned rug can add a distinctive touch to your dining room. Even a single color in brighter shades can add a lot of rich warmth and add atmosphere.

Go Too Big

It’s quite commonly observed that dining room rugs frame the dining table. However, you can allow a certain amount of space around the table. Follow a general thumb rule and let 20-30 inches of the rug around the table to provide the guests with enough space to pull their chairs and not snag on the rug.

For a large dining room, you can also extend the rug even more for the exposed areas. The area rug under the table should be reconsidered for smaller dining rooms if the rug is touching the walls. When this happens, try using a runner rug alongside the table.

Match The Rug Shape To The Room

Matching the shapes is a great idea to complement your rugs with the room. If you have a rectangular dining table, a rectangle-shaped rug is a perfect choice. This looks aesthetic and appealing to the eye and is a seamless fit. However, there is an exception in some cases. A round dining table would look fine with a square rug in a square room. On the contrary, a square dining table does not go well with a round rug in a square room.

These fantastic tips for your dining room rugs will surely accentuate the appeal of your interior. To shop for large dining room rugs, make your way to Rugs Online.