Tips to Choose the Right Rug for Your Bedroom

Nobody likes a cold floor, especially in the morning after you get out from your warm and cosy blanket. Bedroom rugs are the best solution to that. Rugs are also useful because they can add a certain depth to the look of your bedroom.

In this case, you have to consider what kind of rug you want to put below your bed. What size and shape it should be, what design you should put down that will match the aesthetic of your room.

There are many ways to position an area rug under your bed.

You can use a large rug that covers the entire area under your bed and the area around it. These are the kind of rugs that are the best in terms of efficiency and comfort. They can cover large surfaces and give you an uninterrupted comfortable and cosy surface.

You can also use a smaller bedroom rug that covers the lower two-thirds of your bed. This gives a cushion to your bed frame while providing you with a surface at the end of your bed that you can use to put down a small bench at the end of your bed. The advantage of this option is that you can put a table or a nightstand near the backboard without it being wobbly or unstable.

The final option is to use a smaller rug that will cover only the foot of your bed. This option is just used to add a look to your room without covering the floor with a big carpet. This is usually done for aesthetic purposes.

Choosing a Size

The size of the bedroom rug also depends on the size of the bedroom. A big rug in a small room can look odd and too filled up. When using area rugs like this, it is better to leave a certain amount of space between the base of the wall and the end of the rug.

There are many different sizes of beds too. If it is a single bed, then a smaller rug that only covers the size of the bed is good. But if you have a twin-sized then it is better to buy a rug that will cover not just the base of the bed but extend across the room, giving a fuller appearance.

Larger bedrooms, on the other hand, are trickier to deal with. If you choose a small rug for a big bedroom, it will look odd and off-balance. It is generally recommended to use larger area rugs in a bigger bedroom. If you have a king-sized or queen-sized bed in your bedroom then you will need to buy a rug accordingly.

Other Kinds of Area Rugs

Just because they are called bedroom rugs doesn’t mean that they should only go beneath the bed. There are other places where you can put those rugs that will spruce up your bedroom quite a bit.

If you have a dresser in your bedroom that you think needs a bit of colour to it, then you can put an area rug underneath that dresser. The rug in this case should be large enough to cover the entire area of the dresser and then extend a few inches. But it should not be so large so as to look stuffy and oversized; otherwise, that can dampen the look of the room a bit.

Rugs can also be put under places like a cupboard or bedroom recliners and sofas to give an elevated look to your room. These are just some of the ways that you can style your bedroom with rugs.

Maintaining Your Rugs

Just laying down a rug isn’t enough. To keep the look of your bedroom maintained, you also have to maintain your rug and keep it in great condition. Cleaning it consistently is quite important. And sometimes upturned edges of the rug can be a tripping hazard for many. This is where you can seal it down with some carpet tape to make sure there are no upturned edges to it. And if your rug isn’t held down by the weight of a bed, then rugs can be slippery. In this case, non-sip rugs are a great idea.


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