Tips For Washing Carpets By Hand

We decorate our rooms with beautiful carpets, whether machine-made or handmade carpet. However, washing your carpet can be a risky task if you rely on a low-cost solution. Using the washing machine, while affordable, can deteriorate the carpet. You only have to roll up your sleeves and wash the carpet by hand. But where do you start? How to wash or clean your carpet by hand?

Where do you start?

Vacuum, shake and wash

Before washing a carpet by hand, you should remove the dirt using the vacuum machine. This way, you will avoid spending a lot of water rinsing dirt several times. After vacuuming, you should shake the carpet for the same reason.

You first have to see whether you have a more or less smooth container (or at least not rough) to wash the carpet. A relatively large basin will be enough in case of a small container, even though you will most likely have to use a shower or a bathtub.

Unless you are trying to remove a minor stain, washing a medium or large rug in a small container can become tricky. Whenever possible, you should prefer a bathtub or a tile or stone floor because nothing happens if water falls on it.

Using water to wash the carpet

Once you have chosen the place to wash the carpet, you will fill it with plenty of warm water. You must be careful, as hot or cold temperatures can break fabrics in the same way as the washing machine. An acceptable temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees.

How to know the temperature if you do not have a thermostat? You can choose hot water and dip every few minutes. When putting it in, you feel a lot of heat with a pleasant sensation, instead of the need to take your hand out running. It will be the ideal moment.

Using soaps to wash a carpet

Avoid detergents and industrial soaps designed for washing machines. You should not use them because of their boomerang effect. It means once the carpet is cleaned, it becomes a magnet for dust.

You may find soaps to wash your carpet by hand. If you opt for a specific soap, you should look carefully at the label and avoid alcohols, dyes or odours.

How can you wash your carpet by hand?

A good approach for washing is to submerge your carpet completely in warm soapy water. Afterwards, you need to raise and lower the fabric gradually. You need to ensure that the water penetrates the carpet smoothly. You will soon see how the water around the carpet darkens as the dirt comes out.

It is ideal to remove the carpet from the container and leave it in a bowl while you make it empty and start the process again. After two or three times, you will see that the water in which you wash the carpet hardly darkens.

This is very important: even if you wash the carpet ten times, the water will continue to get dirty. So, don’t wash the carpet ten times. You could mark a maximum of four washes with warm water.

Rinse with plenty of moderately warm water

The last step will require a lot of water. So, a bathtub is an ideal place. You need to rinse with plenty of moderately warm water. This way, you will remove any remaining soap that may remain inside the carpet. Otherwise, it may become stiff during drying.

Something that usually works very well is to put enough shower pressure and turn the jet on as much as possible. If the jet is concentrated, it is better to use the waterfall. This approach will help you avoid mistreating the tissues.

Drain: pre-drying

The drying of the carpet is a process done well in an outdoor and open environment. In this process, dryers or direct heat are not applied. This process can consume one or two days.

To do this, you need to drain the carpet to a feasible extent before laying it. This will prevent you from a long wait. Rolling it a couple of times on itself keeps the fabrics in good condition. Folding it can cause tiny tears.

Remember that washing a carpet is necessary from time to time, but that time can be extended if you shake and vacuum it frequently.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, washing carpets can be tricky if you prefer a low-cost solution. Although this approach is affordable, you cannot use the washing machine, as the machine can fade the carpet and damage its fibre. The best way is to wash your carpet by hand. Rugs Online, offering the best rugs online, advised you where to start and how to wash your carpet by hand in this blog. Remember that carpet shaking must be a regular task to avoid cleaning it frequently.