Tips For Choosing The Most Attractive And Good Quality Dining Room Rugs

Are you looking for dining room rugs to buy? Before buying a rug, read this blog to find how to choose the ideal one for your dining space.

Rugs are a widely used decorative element for everything they add to the space. It is a very personal accessory, as you may find is a wide variety of rugs with loads of features to choose from. Do you want to know how to choose attractive rugs for your dining room? Read this blog to find the key aspects to consider when looking for a beautiful rug.

Keys to choosing a rug for the dining room

Indeed, choosing a rug is a very personal choice. And, this is because you can choose a rug from a wide variety of characteristics, including colour, material, design, and quality. However, you also need to keep a key aspect in mind, the size.

For a dining room, the minimum size of the carpet is the one that allows housing all the elements within it. In other words, the dining room table and chairs must remain inside the carpet at all times, since they produce a slope that can be very uncomfortable for diners. If one leg is on the mat and the others are not, the chair will limp, and whoever is sitting on it will feel uncomfortable. So, a rug plays a pivotal role.

Ideally, in this case, the carpet should be about 50 centimetres larger on each side of the table. This way, you can remove the chair without leaving one part outside the carpet and another inside.

You can think of filling the entire dining room with a rug. Nevertheless, it is not usually highly recommended since the effect it produces is one of spatial reduction, giving the feeling of a smaller room.

Features to consider while choosing a rug

A rug can bring many things to your dining room as a decorative element. Two aspects of a rug stand out, including its warmth and condition as an acoustic insulator. In addition, it is a hands-on solution to delimit the spaces of a house.

Now, a question here is how do you choose the ideal rug? Let’s take a look at each one and the options you have.


The shape of a rug does matter. You may find different shapes, but rectangular is the most commonly preferred shape. This is because the rugs with this shape are in demand and used the most.

You may also find rugs in other different shapes, including square, triangular, round, pentagonal, and others.

It is up to your choice and preference, as well as your dining room’s furniture and curtains theme and space.


A rug is made from a variety of different materials. Look at the following materials that are used most commonly:

  • Rugs made from wool are the most preferred ones for their properties. The most notable aspects of these rugs are that they provide more warmth and insulation.
  • Rugs made from cotton are also similar and widely used because they are inexpensive and less resistant.
  • Rugs made from silk material are used as a luxury item, as silk is a very exclusive material.
  • Rugs made from natural materials, including bamboo, esparto, jute, sisal, or seaweed, are preferred the most. You will find the perfect blend in these rugs, as they are eco-friendly and cheap at the same time.
  • Rugs made from synthetic materials are also ideal for their resistance to stains and moisture, making them suitable for the outdoor environment.

Short or long hair

Short-haired rugs are easy to clean. On the other hand, rugs with long hair offer more warmth and a greater feeling of comfort than short hair. It is more complicated to clean the long-haired rugs. You have to clean it very frequently, and even almost daily. Usually, long-haired rugs are ideal for low-use areas.


The aspect of style depends on the decoration of the piece. Ideally, it should be consistent with the theme of the furniture, curtains, upholstery, and others. For example:

  • If your dining space has plain curtains, you can choose a rug with smooth lines or patterns.
  • If your dining space has colourful curtains, the carpet should be smooth. With this choice, you can avoid the space being filled in a disorderly way.

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