Tips For Choosing Rugs for Kids Room and Removing Strains

When it comes to choosing kids room rugs, it is not an easy task. Why? Since kids tend to play with all their toys and stuff, usually on the rugs. Ultimately, the rug ends up staining. This post has some useful tips on choosing the most suitable rugs for your kids and how to remove stains safely. So, review this, and you do not have to worry about anything.

Tips to Buy Rugs for Kids Room

You do not buy rugs for your kids’ room every day. It is a fundamental purchase so that they can play, be comfortable and warm at home. Therefore, you must learn to choose the most suitable one.

You can find many rugs online for your house kings and queens, with charming and colorful designs. Your kids will love them and will end up becoming their favorite part of the house. So, you need to consider some of the things before buying a rug:


The material of the rug matters a lot. So, what material you should prefer is a challenging task. Natural fabrics have good quality and are long-lasting. These rugs are always the right choice, although it is necessary to focus more on their maintenance.

Cotton can be a right option for the bedroom of your kids, as this fabric is durable and comfortable.

In the case of synthetic fibers, they are a good option if you want something inexpensive and for daily use. They can be comfortable and with all kinds of designs. So, rugs with synthetic fiber can also be attractive for your kids.

What about plastics? For areas of greater use, such as a living or recreation room, they can be ideal. They are made of materials, such as vinyl, polyethylene, or PVC, and resist stains.

Long or Short Hair

When buying rugs for kids’ room, you will not know whether to do it with a long or short pile. As you visualize, rugs with long hair are warm and comfortable, fluffier, but also more difficult to remove strain. Also, you should be careful, as kids could tear the strands and put them in the mouth, so we discard them for very young children. And, those with short hair are the best option for your kids because of their versatility and the safety they provide.


The design factor falls within the personal preferences of each parent, and of course, of each child. It is always better that it be a kids’ model rug since they are specially created and designed for them. In terms of shade or color, light tones give a greater sense of spaciousness and clarity. And dark colors are a good option since they hide possible stains well. If you also prefer a design with colorful themes, you will add fun to your kids’ room.

Tips to Remove Stains on Kids’ Rugs

“Carpets and stains” in your kids’ room are a “must” thing! But do not worry. Look at the tips and remove strains on rugs quickly.

Firstly, you must choose a rug for kids that gets as little dirty as possible. Then, what is essential for you is you should attack any stain the moment it occurs.

So, the next step is to attack the stain, although this job may seem impossible. Remember that if your kids are playing on the carpet, you can find strains, including mud, gum, paint, chocolate, and so on!

If the stain is damp, it would be good to use paper to absorb as much of it as you can. If it is dry, scrape it off with a spoon and vacuum up the remains.

It would be good if you use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of stains (especially dark ones). Let it act for a while until it bubbles, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. In case of light stains, you can use white vinegar because it works well. You will only have to make a blend with water and pour it on the mark. Then you wipe with a wet cloth and vacuum.

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