Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Hand Made Rug

This fact is known to everyone that handmade rugs are elegant, durable and if the quality is really good, they can even last for decades. It is generally believed that the art and tradition of rug weaving were born in ancient Persia. It is also where wide-scale rug making was introduced in about 529 BC by Cyrus the Great. Even after so many years, aesthetic rugs are woven and hand-knotted on standard looms just as they were thousands of years ago. These rugs are available in all styles and designs. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a rug, this guide will tell you everything about them and how you can buy rugs online at affordable prices.

Be Patient:

Getting a handmade rug for your home can help you give an aesthetic and artistic look to any room. However, selecting a new rug for your home can be an enjoyable yet difficult task. As fun as it is to watch your home decor ideas come to life, going through the never-ending options and the wide variety of styles, patterns, and colours can exhaust you. There is a long list of things to consider if you want to make a good decision. Making a quick decision is really hard and due to the wide variety of rugs available, shopping and examining them is rather a time-consuming process. Although it takes a significant amount of time and effort, it is well worth the wait.

Keep your desired design in mind:

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind when shopping for a new rug is what purpose you wish your rug to serve. Are you looking for large living room rugs, or do you simply want a fairly aesthetic area rug? It is really important to keep your desired design in mind that you think will suit your taste and requirements. Otherwise, you will get confused between all the different options available and end up making the wrong choice.

Confirm its authenticity:

If you’re looking for any other rug than the small one in the bathroom, it is best that you choose a handmade rug considering they have a longer lifespan and better quality compared to the machine-produced rugs. However, it identifying their authenticity can be a challenging task as there are thousands of fakely advertised rugs in the industry, especially when it comes to traditional oriental rug styles. Some of the manufacturers claim their machine-made rugs to be handmade and put a higher price tag on them. You should keep in mind that machine-made rugs should not cost the same as a luxury item.

Don’t worry; They’re worth the money:

Handmade rugs normally come at higher prices than machine-made ones. This is because they’re made by a complicated process called hand-knotting. Their quality is measured in a unit called KSI (knots per square inch). The number of knots per square inch can range anywhere from 25 to 1000. Even the most skilled rug maker requires approximately ten seconds to make one knot. Keeping this in mind, if a 6 x 12 sized rug has 100 knots per square inch, the weaver would’ve spent 288 hours making it. In addition to this,  the finest quality wool and silk and the cost of shipping add a lot in making these rugs a costly item. However, the money you’re spending is well worth it, and you’ll never regret buying one.

Make sure they’re eco friendly:

Since volatile compounds are present in carpets, the popularity of rugs has grown as a healthier flooring option for homes. However, many rugs available in the market are manufactured using synthetic fabrics. Some of them have also been treated with, insecticides, stain protectors and fire retardants that makes their exposure harmful in homes. These dangerous, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause serious health complications like allergies and nausea. Therefore you should make sure that the rug you’re purchasing is free from these harmful chemicals as there is no point in purchasing a rug instead of a carpet if they’re not eco friendly.

To wrap up:

By keeping all these things in mind, you will be able to select a suitable rug for your home, and it’s a guaranty that you will never get disappointed. If you’re looking for the best rugs at the most affordable prices, visit Rugs Online for the most elegant collection of hand-made rugs.