The Perfect Guide to Runner Rugs in Your Home

Narrow empty spaces in your house aren’t a delightful sight. You can’t put these spaces to any use, and due to lack of space, neither can you add any decoration pieces. So how do you make these spaces somewhat aesthetically pleasing? That’s where runner rugs come into play!

Runner rugs are trendy and the go-to choice for interior designers to fill up narrow empty spaces. They are often used to give an elongation illusion to make spaces appear more expansive than they are.

These rugs are long and rectangular, built to fit in narrow spaces such as hallways. Apart from filling up narrow empty spaces, they can add an element of cushioning. This helps bring about a sense of luxury and warmth to your otherwise cold transitional spaces.

Runner Rug Styles

When it comes to choosing a style for cheap hallway runners, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of styles to choose from that can complement the interior of your house just right.

For old-fashioned spaces, you can pick a traditional patterned runner rug in darker shades. This will help conceal dirt, so you don’t have to go through the troubles of switching up the rugs now and then. These rugs are ideal for areas with traffic. For lesser-visited areas and a modern touch, go for a light and bright design to lighten up a dark hallway. 

Runner Rug Materials

Runner rugs come in a variety of materials. The most popular ones are non-skid runners with their no-slip feature, even under regular use. These rugs are made out of a peculiar backing, which controls sliding.

Another great choice is washable runner rugs for hallways. Families with young kids and pets usually prefer this material so they can easily wash the rugs when they get dirty without having to replace them.

An indoor/outdoor runner rug is a multipurpose material that can be used both inside and outside. It allows the convenience to move your flooring according to your desire!
It all comes down to one simple requirement: when you are looking for a runner rug, just remember to look for a rug made out of robust fabric that will complement your interior.

The most popular choice is wool blends due to their longevity, but they can be rather tricky to clean.

Another great option is polyester. Albeit has a shorter lifespan but is pretty easy to clean.

The making of a rug also determines its properties and lifetime. Hand-loomed rugs are the most aesthetically pleasing but expensive. Machined rugs are more affordable but don’t last as long as hand-loomed rugs.

Reasons Why You Need Runner Rugs

At Rugs Online, we believe that runner rugs are one of the essential requirements for every home. Here are some reasons why:

  • Aesthetics

Let’s face the facts: We all live for aesthetics. Making our living spaces pretty and brightening them up is always our priority. Narrow hallways can often meddle with the decor and make the area look unpleasant. Runner rugs are an effortless way to enhance your decor and add a spark to narrow spaces. They can add an element of aesthetics to your living space. You can go for a modern oriental rug, flat weave rug, a colourful felt ball rug; the possibilities are endless!

  • Preventing Damage

High traffic areas such as hallways or staircases can get damaged from wear and tear if the flooring is wooden. A durable rug can minimise the chances of damage and preserve the space. Having a runner rug in such areas will act as a shield and also help manage the dirt. In this way, your expensive wooden flooring can have a much longer life.

  • Warmth & Comfort

If your house has overall carpeting and there are some narrow spots left, it must look quite odd and irksome. An addition of a pretty runner rug will help cover missing spots and restore warmth and comfort to your house’s interior. If the carpet follows a neutral colour theme, you have the option of choosing a bright rug that will help add a pop of colour to your floor!

With that said, runner rugs are a must-have in all households. So, without waiting any further, get your hands on the amazing runner rug collection from Rugs Online and `the interior appeal of your home!