The Most Amazing Rug Ideas For Your Kitchen

Considering the size and shape of your kitchen is the first step before you buy a kitchen rug. An ill-fitting rug will leave a terrible impression and will not be aesthetically pleasant at all. Therefore, taking measurements of your kitchen is of utmost importance. We advise you to do your homework before you head out to buy a rug for your kitchen so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.

Here are some great tips for kitchen rugs that will be undoubtedly beneficial for you.

Large Area Rugs

These rugs are perfect for large kitchen spaces and those kitchens that merge into living rooms. You can also use large area rugs in studio apartments. Just like it is perfect to use a carpet for a bedroom floor, the best idea to compliment your kitchen space with a large area rug is by incorporating an area rug.

The ideal places to position these rugs are under the kitchen table or the island. You should use durable materials for this purpose as kitchens are the hub of spills, wear, and tear. The constant movement of dining chairs and foot traffic makes the rugs susceptible to damage. Hence, you should not compromise on the quality. A flat weave rug is recommended to go well with your kitchen’s color scheme and complement the tone.

Room Separation Rugs

You can consider buying a rug to go under your kitchen table and chairs if your kitchen merges into your lounge. This is a great idea to separate your kitchen from the lounge while adding an aesthetic element to the space. Using patterned rugs and block colors is the perfect choice for these types of rugs.

Medallion Rugs

Are you fond of traditional and vintage decor items? If so, incorporating a medallion rug in your kitchen can bring about a traditional vibe and add an element of warmth to your kitchen. Medallion rugs can be a fabulous addition to your kitchen and offer an attractive appearance to traditionally designed kitchens. Medallion rugs in dark colors such as red, brown, and purple go really well with oak-themed kitchens and complement the interior in the most phenomenal ways.

If your kitchen is built with more modern colors like white, grey, and black, then go with medallions that either match the theme or complement it in some way.  Blue, grey, and black rugs look really well in a modern kitchen. If you want to experiment a little, you can also try a mosaic design if medallions are not your preference.

Loud Rug Designs

Some of the best rugs are those that are vibrant and speak for themselves. Adding a loud rug in your kitchen is the ultimate means of wowing your guests. You can electrify your kitchen with some colors and make it pop like never before. Bold colors and intricate patterns are your smartest choice to make a statement and give your kitchen the punch of vibrance it’s looking for. This idea is well suited for otherwise plain kitchens that follow a basic color theme overall.

Round Kitchen Rugs

You might be unfamiliar with the concept of round rugs in your kitchen. They aren’t that common, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be. Round rugs can be placed under dining tables, and especially in high traffic areas. An excellent place for a round rug is under the sink or the kitchen island. This will bring a sense of warmth and minimize the chance of scuff marks on hardwood flooring.

Beachy Kitchen Rugs

Bringing an element of nature in your kitchen is an excellent idea for beachy outdoor vibes. You can choose shades of blue in soft fabrics that will bring a sense of aesthetic to your kitchen and make it soothing to the eyes. A beige flatweave is the best choice of the rug to match your oak decking. It is a neutral shade, capable of withstanding all weathers, and highly durable. Shades of blue and neutral earthy tones are the best options for a beachy kitchen to make your kitchen look vibrant yet delicate.

These unique rug ideas for your kitchen can make your kitchen stand out. Make your way to Rugs Online, where we have a wide range of dining room rugs, kitchen rugs, and bedroom rugs for sale.