The Best Places for Runner Rugs & How to Pick One

Runner rugs are getting immense popularity and have proven to be a must-have item for all households. It’s an agreed-upon fact that owning a runner rug is a pretty good idea as it can offer tons of advantages.

Let’s have a look at some of the most well-suited places for a runner rug.


Hallways are the most obvious place where you would want a runner rug. These narrow corridors connect two rooms in a house and often go unnoticed. You can easily brighten up these uneventful spaces with a dash of colour simply by adding long carpet runners for hallways! A dazzling hand-loomed runner rug can indeed be a sight for sore eyes in a dark hallway.


Hardwood stairs need a durable runner rug. These stairs are classy, luxurious and quite slippery so there’s always a risk of falling. To avoid falls and slips, invest in a good quality runner rug. Not only will it prevent accidents, but it will also elongate the lifespan of your staircase by preventing wear and tear. The noise of heavy footsteps will also be reduced significantly.


Rugs in the kitchen have become been a popular and appreciated trend. You can transform your kitchen by placing a runner rug between your cabinets and the island. If your kitchen is built in an old-fashioned way and lacks colour, adding a runner rug can enhance the appeal by giving your kitchen just the right amount of colour. Placing a runner rug can also help you enjoy the plush feeling on your feet while carrying out the chores!

Choosing The Perfect Rug

Now that we have established the best places for a runner rug, let’s move on to picking out the perfect rug.

You can pick a runner rug based on multiple features. Here’s how you can narrow down your options:


Considering the material is important before you buy a runner rug. Your choice of material can vary depending on your need. These rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas, which means that the material should be durable. It must be capable of handling people and pets walking over throughout the day.

Hence, the top choice of material is wool. Runner rugs made out of wool are durable, springy, and dirt-resistant. The springy feature ensures that it will return to its original shape no matter how many times it’s walked on. The fibres of wool are dirt and liquid resistant. The dirt stays on top instead of seeping inside so it can be easily vacuumed. It will not absorb any liquids either so you don’t have to worry when your child spills a glass of water, or your pet makes a mess.


The built of your room can best decide the style of runner rug that will look best. Some options can suit all architectures. For instance, an oriental rug can help add an exotic feel. If you have modern furniture, a contemporary rug is the best option. If you’re a fan of ethnic designs and culturally rich artworks, a Turkish or Persian patchwork rug is the most suitable choice for you.


Runner rugs can occupy a lot of space, especially if you add multiple runners in the hallway or the staircase. Therefore, finding the right colour that resonates with you and your home’s interior is essential. Go for colours that will reflect your personality. Rugs offer an excellent opportunity to display your choice of colours, so make this choice wisely. A smart decision for all high traffic areas is darker colours to help conceal the dirt.


Rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. With a plethora of available options, choosing the right texture is not easy. While you make your choice, you should consider your usage requirements. If you’re looking for a robust rug that can stand the test of time, a flat weave rug is the best option. These rugs tend to be the strongest in the conditions of wear and tear. They are durable and are the perfect addition to your hallway.

This guide will surely be helpful for you when you’re shopping for a runner rug. Head over to Rugs Online for the best collection.