Personalize Your Outdoor Spaces with Beautiful Rugs

We love spring, a season where we can enjoy the sun (or shade) on our terraces, gardens or attics. And even more so if we have outdoor area rugs, to be more comfortable and give it a cooler touch.

Well yes, the rugs can be used during all months of the year. You just have to choose the appropriate material and thickness for the function you need:

You can find more types of materials and lighter models, made with fresh, light and breathable natural materials. These allow you to move the interior decoration to the areas that are most used when the warm and pleasant weather begins.

Not only are they very beautiful in terms of decoration, but they also allow you to be more comfortable.

Here, we bring you more suggestions for indoor rugs that can be used in open areas and terraces. They are perfect rugs to stay away from home, outside, to prepare for the arrival of good weather and summer. Discover them:

Natural fiber rugs for a natural and eco-friendly accent

Jute rugs

The jute rugs are perfect for both covered and open areas. But, you need to take it away from moisture. They can be outside but if it is covered. For example, it can be the roof of an attic, an interior patio, or a garden with a pergola.

It is a type of rug that is very popular, well priced and that can give a very chic touch to a space. Therefore, many choose natural fiber to personalize their outdoor rooms now that the good weather arrives.

The jute rugs made from natural fiber adapt well to tight spaces, where they do not affect adverse weather conditions.

You can find them in different sizes and shapes. They are available in rectangular and round shapes, with standard size and larger for an outdoor dining area. Another advantage is that being inexpensive, it is a small investment and they are even great to give as gifts.

Cotton rugs

The cotton rugs are highly contested, both for any stay home and outdoor covered. They are highly resistant to heat and extreme temperatures, beautiful, and provide a touch of comfort, to step on a softer surface. They are very easy to clean. As cotton absorbs moisture very well, so if you live in a humid area, make sure it is prevented from water.

Cotton rugs are also an ideal resource to place in the garden or on the terrace. This is because the smallest children in the house play, so they are safe from dust or dirt on the floor.

Natural fiber rugs of vegetable origin

Less well known than their jute counterparts, they are in the same way, a sustainable and biodegradable option. They should always be placed away from water sources and where there is no direct sunlight. The main difference between bamboo and sisal fibers is the touch. The bamboo fibers are softer and more flexible, but they need more care, and the sisal rugs are much rougher. Jute ones are light, soft, sturdier, and generally cheaper.

What size carpet to choose?

It depends on your space and also on the purpose you are going to give it. The size of your rugs also depends on the aesthetics and comfort you want. By using the legs of the furniture, it is correctly placed and does not move. You can also place it individually, as a ‘passing area’.

How do take care of them?

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • When you place heavy wooden furniture on the rugs, it is good to place some felts on the legs as protection. You will avoid unwanted marks on the carpet.
  • In the case of jute rugs and natural fibers, avoid exposing them to humidity.
  • The 100% cotton rugs can be washed by hand or in the washing machine using a short program. Always use cold water.
  • To extend the life of jute rugs and other vegetable fibers, prefer specialized treatments that make them even more resistant.

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