Persian Rug & Oriental Rug – Learn the Differences Between Them

Several people believe that Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are one and the same. That is not true. Handmade Oriental rugs represent a range of rugs that are in made in the Asian countries. Persian rugs, as the name suggests, are specifically made in Persia, which is modern-day Iran.

Persia is the birth place of handmade carpets. Persian rugs are considered to be one of the highest quality rugs you will ever find, and they are well demanded for the intricate design and adequate knot count. Learn these noticeable differences between Persian rugs and Oriental rugs described below:

Place of Origin:

Persian rugs are handmade exclusively in Iran. In fact, the art of hand weaving was invented in Persia, and the technique has been quite popular ever since. Different types of Persian rugs are named after their cities, regions, and tribes.

Handmade Oriental rugs are made in countries other than Iran, such as Turkey, Egypt, India, Tibet, and China.

Be informed that the rugs made in the American or European countries are neither Persian nor Oriental rugs, even if they feature the Oriental or Persian designs. These are known as area rugs.

Type of Knot:

Another key difference you will find between Oriental rugs and Persian rugs is the knot. Authentic Persian and Oriental rugs are both handwoven by the experts. Persian rugs feature an asymmetrical knot, also called as Senneh knot. Several countries like Iran, Egypt, India, China, and Pakistan have been practising this knot for centuries. The Oriental rugs are tied with symmetrical knots, also known as Ghiordes knot. Countries that specialise in this knot include the Kurdish areas of Iran, and Turkey.


You could see a variety of designs with Persian rugs. Two of the most popular designs found in handmade carpets online - the all over pattern and the central medallion pattern - are said to have evolved from Persia. The all over pattern is a floral or geometric pattern that repeats all across the rug. The central medallion pattern is a circular or oval pattern located at the centre of the rug.

Even though there are many Persian rug designs available for you to choose from, you'll find even more designs and patterns with Oriental rugs. Traditional oriental rug designs can be categorised into stylised, figurative and geometric patterns. Furthermore, there are modern rugs that feature new elements combined with the traditional designs of oriental rugs.

Although Persian rugs were initially considered the best amongst the lot, traditional Oriental rugs are also equally appreciated today for its unique qualities. So, should you buy Persian rugs or Oriental rugs? It all depends on your preference. Whichever rug you choose, make sure that it’s worth paying for. There's a variety of beautiful handmade rugs online for you to explore, so begin your search for the best rug today. Despite the subtle differences between the Persian and Oriental rugs, you will be pretty satisfied with either of them.