Most Common Natural And Synthetic Fibres Used In Manufacturing Rugs

Rugs or carpets make your home beautiful. It means you need to check its material, design, colour, and most importantly, its quality. The aim of posting this blog is to tell you about the different materials that exist to make a good quality rug. In this way, you will have a global vision of this very useful decorative element, and more so now in winter.

You may fund a wide variety of rugs materials, and you can end up confusing when making the best choice. That is why today, at Rugs Online, we want to make everything clear to you so that you can choose with all the information at your fingertips.

Most Used Fibres

You may find a great variety of natural and synthetic fibres with which rugs are made. Natural fibres include wool, silk, cotton, linen, bamboo, and jute. Carpets made with natural fibre can improve the air characteristics in the area of the house where they are placed. These carpets absorb excess moisture and restore it when the environment is dry. Besides, they prevent electrostatic charges from building up.

Synthetic fibres include viscose, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, and polyester. The rugs made with these materials are a great ally in cleaning. They are easier to clean daily and do not accumulate so much “dirt”.

Most Common Natural Fibres Used In Rugs Manufacturing


For centuries, this material has been considered the most valued fibre in the manufacture of rugs. Soft and warm at the same time, it offers natural and resistant characteristics. Resistance to moisture and its anti-flame retardant properties make it the most widely used fibre in the carpet industry.


It is ecological and 100% biodegradable and does not require pesticides or fertilisers. It is considered the best substitute for firewood as it grows back very quickly after being pruned. In addition to the feature of UV resistant, bamboo rugs long-lasting and you can clean it with ease. Therefore, they are perfect for any home environment.


It is the cheapest natural fibre of all with which low-quality and more affordable rugs are made. They do not have the same properties as wool, but their price makes them very attractive to a specific audience.

Most Common Synthetic Fibres Used In Rugs Manufacturing


It was invented by Dupont Corporation in the United States in 1941 based on a polymer (poly acrylonitrile). Although it is a synthetic fibre, it has wool-like characteristics, and thus, the acrylic rugs are very soft, light, and warm. It is very resistant and does not alter if exposed directly to sunlight for long periods.

Polypropylene Heatset

It is the ultra-resistant fibre most used in mechanical carpets due to its versatility and affordable price. Furthermore, it is also known as “synthetic wool”. It is recyclable, resistant to dirt, and easy to clean. It can be considered the perfect fibre for rugs.

Viscose / Rayon

Very adaptable semi-synthetic fibre that is extracted from cellulose and that, after several processes, looks a lot like silk. Viscose rugs look shiny, bright, and silky smooth. Their maintenance requires a little more attention and care than the rest of synthetic carpets.

Tips Before Buying Rugs

Before buying a rug, we look at details whether it is handmade or where it came from. Based on these questions, we determined if a rug is of good quality or not.

Now, customers ask other questions before making their final purchase decision. Now, we pay more attention to the price, the design, the colour, and the materials with which the carpet has been made.

Preferences have been changed that we take when choosing a rug. So, we have some tips about questions that you should ask the seller before deciding to buy a rug.

These questions are:

1) Is the rug made by hand or machine?

2) Is the rug made of natural fibre or synthetic material?

3) What size is it?

4) Do you have a guarantee?

Need to Buy A Good Quality Rug?

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