Looking to Buy an Authentic Persian Rug? Read these 4 Tips First

Purchasing an authentic Persian rug is a great decision and a significant investment too. The process of choosing a rug can be quite overwhelming from the get go, but if you know what you should look for in an authentic rug, you wouldn't be scammed by fraudsters. Persian rugs online Australia are not just a great item of decor for your home, but they are a piece of intricate art holding great value. To make sure that you are spending your money on the right Persian rug, keep in mind the following factors:

Material of The Rug:

Real Persian rugs are handmade with materials such as wool, silk, or a blend of both. Rugs that are made with 100% pure silk will have a great finish and a shiny appearance. Quality of the material will depend on different aspects, such as the time of the shearing process, climatic conditions, pasture land, and the breed of sheep. An added advantage of these materials is that they are flame resistant. On the flip side, the synthetic materials used in machine made carpets are highly flammable.

High Knot Count:

Another important feature to look for when purchasing handmade Persian rugs online Australia is the knot count. Authentic Persian rugs will have at least 120 knots per square inch. Just flip the rug and look at the knots from underneath. While it's not easy to count each and every knot in the rug, you can easily identify a handmade rug by the varying sizes of its knots. The knots in machine made rugs will be perfectly uniform unlike their handmade counterparts.

Consider Your Budget:

Websites offering handmade Persian rug sale provide a wide array of patterns and designs at different prices, so set a budget beforehand. A Silk rug is pricier than other types, owing to its rarity and higher knot count. Persian rugs made of wool are affordable for most buyers, since the material is easily accessible. If you don't have a big budget, wool rugs will be a great choice for you.

Natural Dyes:

Traditional Persian rugs are made only using natural dyes. You can tell if the rug is handmade simply by looking at its colours. Natural dyes will only coat the surface, whereas chemical dyes penetrate it. If you see that the colour distribution among the threads is uneven, you're dealing with natural dyes. These dyes are derived from natural plants, vegetables, and seeds. They are highly durable, and possess great quality compared to synthetic or chemical dyes.

Before deciding to buy Persian rugs, think how you will be using them. Silk Persian rugs are great for decorative purposes, whereas wool rugs can be placed on the floor as it withstands heavy foot traffic for many years. This is especially great if you have children or pets at home. Should you have any questions, you can talk to the supplier and they will help you make a choice.