Is Your Room Ever Complete Without a Luxurious Rug?

Any traditional Turkish rug can instantly elevate the room's look, whether it is a bedroom, living room, or just a hallway. The traditionally woven rugs have a class of their own. A room with no life starts to look alive with its pop of color or beautiful texture. 

The rug weaving art is timeless and has been descending from the time of the Ottomans as the symbol bearer of luxury. The article has a concise selection of beautiful rugs you can use to decorate different home parts, exclusively available at Rugs Online.


The colors you surround yourself with in your bedroom can significantly impact how tranquil and at peace you feel. To achieve the ideal atmosphere for rest and relaxation, it is suggested to stick to a more muted and neutral color scheme.

Oriental Mughal

Oriental Mughal is a stunning piece of art designed with light green pure silk and textured wool rug. It is a rectangular rug that can easily fit in any large room. You can place it in front of your bed to add contrast or in front of your mirror to reflect its colors. It is a beautiful green with ivory, brown, blue, silver, and beige on its base. A stunning aqua borders the rug elevating all the neutral shades. The entire rug is made out of wool and pure silk. 

Creamy Red Silk

Some people like a subtle pop of color and neutral shades in their bedrooms and this magnificent rug is made for them specifically. It is creamy red silk, an authentic Isfahan handmade Persian Rug. A little color can uplift your mood, filling you with the energy to go about another busy day. The spectacular piece has senneh and double knots comprising ninety percent silk and ten percent wool base—an luxurious part of the cloud that comforts you just by looking at it. The colors blend off-white and middle to light orange in borders with a mix of beige.

Living Room 

After the bedroom, the living room is where you spend most of your time with friends, family, or yourself. It is an ample space that can look highly cluttered or put together with just a few differences. Step one has always been having only the things you use daily, and secondly, have oversized rugs for living room that add structure and life to the area. 

Oriental Mamluk

Oriental Mamluk is an exquisite oversized rug that is hand spun in red wool. It is a perfect rug to place under your dining table or in front of your television. It has a beautiful blue border that outlines stunning colors like silver and gold. A unique New Zealand wool has been used to create this magnificent piece on a field of red color. Every knot used in the rug is handmade using a cotton foundation. 

Cypress Tree Oriental Rug

We bring you another dazzling oversized rug hand knotted with cypress tree designs made of silk with textured wool. This rug has no borders, with a striking grey for a field color. The other colors used in the rugs are sky blue, silver, ivory, and light brown. Making it a great statement piece to display. No matter which room this rug is put in, it will become the most splendid room in the house. 

To Wrap it Up 

Our wide variety includes traditional pieces from across the world, such as Turkish, Persian, Kashmiri, Pakistani, and many more, where handloom carpets are found in the culture. We offer free international shipping on all orders, which will be shipped within twenty-four hours of the processing. Every item's estimated shipping is mentioned in the description under the product. Every rug is checked personally to ensure maximum quality and your utmost satisfaction. 

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