Interior Designing Ideas For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are private spaces and provide a location to relax and lay back. However, if you’ve been ignoring the idea of elevating the interior of your bedroom, you’ve been missing out. A bedroom is a spot where you spend most hours of your day--where you read, relax, recharge and reflect. 

Because the bedroom is a space where you spend most of your time, you should pay some attention to adorning it. Add some theme to your bedroom with a small bedroom rug, stylish bed frame, chic bed sheets and a soothing colour scheme. We discuss a few pointers below that will help you add that much-needed modern design to your room.

Cosy Corner:

Create a corner in your room that serves as a great spot to curl up at the end of a long day. A bedroom is your personal abode, so it is important that it features a relaxing nook. Place a sofa alongside the coffee table if the room allows enough space. If not, plant a bean bag and a bookshelf in the corner to serve as your humble and cosy habitat.

Wall Hanging/Bookshelves:

Whether you have neutral wall paint or wallpaper pasted on the walls, you can make use of wall hangings to elevate your bedroom’s aura. The best space to incorporate a wall hanging is on the wall behind the bed’s headboard. If you do not dig that idea, or there is a light bulb or a wall clock on that wall, you can opt for one of the side walls as well. 

Choose a painting, sketch, quotation frames, or bookshelves, based on your personal preference. If you’re a reader, look into bookshelves that can be attached along a wall. Bookshelves come in various dimensions, sizes, shapes and styles to fit your wall. Different types of wall hangings can remarkably facilitate the interior design of your room. 

Bed Frames:

What is the colour theme of your room? Identify this before choosing the colour and nature of your bed’s headboard. Bed frames come in shiny wooden, basic plains and textured designs. If your room’s colour theme is one of the neutrals, you can pick a wooden or textured bed frame.

Make sure to complement the bed frame with the colour theme of the entire room. To balance out a bright colour theme, go for a plain bed frame. The choice of colour can also be customized to generate the perfect equilibrium in the bedroom theme.

Bedroom Rugs:

Identify the available space in the room after placement of all furniture pieces, and then choose a rug. A bedroom rug can be large to fit the entire space below the bed or, it can be small to accommodate itself in a corner. Choose a sturdier material like wool, polypropylene or nylon etc for your bedroom rug. 

You can also add the rug to your cosy corner for a more comfortable feel. A fur rug goes great for a couple’s bedroom. It enhances the room with its luxurious softness and charming appearance. 


A room should have enough sunlight to light it completely when the curtains are open. Windows serve their purpose efficiently if attached to the wall that stands next to the bed. A room with no windows can not be adorned with stylish and fancy curtains, which can significantly contribute to the interior design of the room.

You can also hang small plants on the windows, or keep decoration pieces and trinkets on the window sill. The addition of little details is what makes a room’s interior design phenomenal. 

Bedside Lamps:

Lamps come in the most antique and classic designs. Pick a voguish lamp to place on the side tables. If you do not have room for side tables, hanging bedside lamps are a great alternative. The hanging lamps fall as pendants from the roof of the room, and also allow extra surface space. They make quite a statement and look super chic next to the bed. 

These are some of the basic ideas if you are initiating changes in your bedroom. You can explore other wide possibilities to up the interior design game of your bedroom by playing with patterns, texture and colour schemes. If you’re looking to add some charm to your room with a rug, take a peek at our collections. We sell rugs online at cheap prices without compromising on quality. Our rugs are handwoven and made from the finest material to create durable rugs.