How To Style A Rug In Your Home

Rugs can never go out of style. They add a touch of comfort and beauty to your home. With years of experimentation, you can now find a variety of rugs in the market. It isn’t hard to style a rug in your space, from machine-made rugs to one-of-a-kind hand-woven abstract and col orful rugs. Even though it can be considerably easier with the wide variety, there are multiple factors that go in the journey of rug selection. Each factor has a way of affecting the way your home looks and feels.

Here are a few factors you will need to consider before and after buying the rug.

Get To Know The Rugs And Yourself

The first step is more important than you may think because you need to consider your personality and lifestyle. You need to decide what kind of rug you would like to invest in based on your use and personal style. Are you looking for a bedroom fur carpet or a patterned carpet for your living room? Nonetheless, choosing the perfect rug can be a long, tedious but beautiful project.

It is also essential to choose a rug depending on your home and the people in it. For example, if you live alone, an aesthetic rug for your living room or a unique bedroom rug is perfect for you. Although, if you have a family, choose a rug that is made for more wear and tear than a fancy rug.

Choose The Rug

If you are planning a complete redecoration of a room, choose the rug first. It will give you a sense of direction for the entire room. You will then want to choose pieces around it as it ties the room together perfectly. If you decorate the room first, you will thin down the choices for a rug and end up going for a neutral, conventional one. So remember to pick stuff that goes best with the rug you choose, including throw pillows, curtains, and art.

Understand Your Room

Before choosing a rug for your room, it is important to get down all the sizes and understand them. Equally vital is to factor in the room you’re going to place the rug in. Look at the layout of the room, windows, and placement of the other furniture.

Consider your reasons for buying a rug. Are you buying it for a social space or your bedroom? Will it be partially covered by other pieces of furniture? All these questions go on to ensuring that your room has a rug that matches the space and its use perfectly.

Practical Before Aesthetic

People tend to go for rugs that are fancy over practical. The original purpose of a rug is to provide a layer of protection for your floors and control the temperature of the room, and modern rugs fail to do so. If you live with your family, placing expensive aesthetics on the most used spaces like the living room would be a waste of money.

Besides the warmth and use, rugs play an important part in controlling the noise. Having a family dinner with dogs barking and kids screeching can be unbearable. However, you can minimize the noise and create a peaceful atmosphere with a nice rug with pads. So think about its use rather than its aesthetic

Let It Define The Space

Rugs have the ability to make or break space. They separate different areas, creating borders, especially in open-plan homes. In a smaller home, choosing the right rug is vital to make the room appear larger. They act as a visual aid that helps direct the guests to social spaces and, at the same time, create introverted spaces.

So be bold and use this unique function to create partitions within the room. Whether you go with a woven, woolen, patterned, bold or neutral, the right rug will bond all the pieces in the room and add a whole new look to the design itself.

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