How To Keep Your Rugs Well-Maintained

Rugs count as a considerable investment towards your home. You purchase it hoping that it would last for years or even generations to come. However, if not appropriately maintained, rugs can quickly lose their shape and color. Whether you have a quality round rug or hallway runner, both require equal care, or else it is money down the drain for you.

In this article, we will tell you all about how to clean your rug and keep it well-maintained.

Avoid Getting Shoes On The Rug

The no-shoe policy is the key to a well-maintained and clean rug. It is a classic and straightforward method that will prevent your rug from looking run down or old. If you ask everyone to just remove their shoes before stepping on any rugs, it’s less likely that it will collect any of the dirt or girt that shoes deposit. This simple tip will avoid any dirt particles from being absorbed deep into the rug fibers.

Some homeowners usually have soft-soled slippers at the entrance of their home, which prevents any dirty outside shoes from entering the house. This practice is widespread in Korean and Japanese households, although the West hasn’t fully adopted it. Nonetheless, this simple method can reduce the buildup of rough particles and hard-soled shoes that could contribute to destroying your rug. 

Vacuum Your Rug Regularly

The rug is commonly cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is an age-old method of cleaning rugs that help get rid of any dirt particles. The amount of time you need to vacuum your rug depends on its size and thickness. Ideally, you should at least do it twice a week if you are living alone. However, if you have a big family, you might have to increase the number of times you vacuum per week to 3 or 4.

The area that has high foot traffic needs more attention. If your rug is small and light, you can drape it over a rope or railing and beat the dirt out. This will also help in revitalizing your rug fibers to their original shape. It is also important to occasionally vacuum the backside of your rug as much dirt and debris gets stuck there as well.

Although with a rug larger in size, you can have a hard time maintaining it all by yourself. That is why we recommend hiring professional carpet cleaners who will make your life easier. They use various tools and cleaning products that will get rid of any harmful residue or buildup effectively. From spills to pet accidents, your rug will be clean from any stains by the time the cleaners finish their job. They will leave your rug looking fresh and new, free from any dirt in the back or in between fibers. 

Spot Cleaning

Most people throw out a perfectly good rug just because of stain. The rug itself would be in perfect condition, but the stain causes it to look odd, especially if it is right in the middle. Throwing a rug out is never viable to those stains, first because they are expensive and second because you can easily clean them out with a few DIY hacks. One of them is by soaking the affected area with a mixture of white vinegar, dish soap and water, and cleaning it up after 10 or 15 minutes. Apart from this, there are many tips and tricks on removing stains from rugs all over the internet.

Although, if you fail to clean the stain with any of those hacks, you can always employ the services of a professional carpet cleaner as they will help you get rid of any stains on your rug.

Use An Underlay For All Rugs

An underlay can play a significant role in making your rug last longer. They provide support and avoid the rug from getting bunched up and wrinkled in odd places. Underlay further keep the rug fibers plumped and prevents them from flattening over time. They also provide extra softness, making the rugs extremely comfortable to sit on.       

By following these few simple methods, you will have a fresh and new-looking rug all year round for many years.

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