How to choose rugs for your rooms?

If you are looking for a living room or large dining room rugs to decorate it, you have come to the perfect post. We want to help you choose the perfect rug!

Deciding on one rug can be a difficult decision since there are an immense variety of styles, materials and measures. But by following the steps stated below, we can assure you that it will be easier!

Carpet for the living room: steps to follow to choose it

Choose the carpet measurements

First and foremost, you must know the place you want it to occupy and the measures we need it to have. To choose the size of the rug, you need to measure the space and subtract a few centimeters less on each side. This way, you can make part of the floor visible.

Sometimes, by placing a carpet that does not reveal any centimeter of floor, carpet effect, you can make the room smaller.

If you need to get a space-related idea that the rug will occupy to know the measurements, there is a trick. You need to place masking tape on the floor, so you can delimit it.

Hand-knotted rugs often have unique and different sizes. Therefore, it is advisable to have that our carpet can vary by a few centimeters.

A rug, in addition to its beauty and design, has several functionalities. One of them is to delimit spaces without the need for partitions. We recommend that you use two different rugs to separate the living room and dining room in an open and spacious way.

Carpet for the living room

In the living room part, it would be good that the rug is under chairs or sofas. In this way, it is visually more spacious and we also prevent tripping, that the carpet corners can be damaged. And, it is more fixed on the floor.

Carpet for dining room

If your dining room is large and spacious, it would be good. A large room fits the chairs and table, and other similar furniture, with all their legs inside the rug. If the chairs’ back legs are left off the rug, the result would be an unbalance that causes the leg to limp. It is thus uncomfortable for the diners.

Choose the rug material and quality

When buying a rug for the living room or dining room, you are undeniably making an investment. If it is of good quality, it can last a lifetime. We want to present you with a quick guide of techniques and materials to guide you in your choice.

The most common techniques include:

  • Hand-knotted rugs: This is made on a handmade loom. The value of these rugs lies in the beauty of their craftsmanship and their quality compared to all other techniques. Each piece is unique.
  • Machine rugs: They are produced on a power loom, which weaves the carpet quickly. They have no knot. The creation process is much faster, which is why these rugs have a much lower value. Exact parts can be produced.
  • Carpets hand-tufted: The carpet is knotted if the wool is inserted into a base with a stun gun. The process is faster than a manual part.

 The most used materials include:

  • Wool: It is the most historically used material in carpets. It is the most resistant material, in addition to acting as an acoustic and thermal insulator.
  • Silk: It is the material par excellence, used for exclusive rugs. When a carpet is made of silk, it denotes superior quality and is synonymous with elegance and luxury.
  • Cotton: This material is widely used in the manufacture of rugs since it is cheaper than wool. Although it is less resistant, it is easy to clean.
  • Synthetics: They are cheaper. Within the synthetic fibers we can differentiate polypropylene, acrylic, viscose or polyester.

We hope this little guide will help you and it will be easier to find the carpet that best suits your tastes and needs. Rugs Online offers you high-quality living and dining room rugs and carpets at prices that are beyond your expectations. Prefer our rugs and decorate your rooms right now!