How to Choose a Persian Rug Online, and What Mistakes to Avoid.

Are you looking to redecorate your interior spaces with something that will add style and sophistication? Persian rugs are among the most visually striking options you can find, helping to greatly enhance the atmosphere and aesthetic value of living spaces. With so many options available to choose from, it can seem challenging to find something that suits your décor and tastes. This blog post from Rugs Online offers some useful suggestions and recommendations on how to choose the best Persian rugs online.

Quality Material

Judging the quality of Persian rugs online can be more challenging than you expect. Rather than judging rugs on the number of knots they have, you should aim to evaluate the tightness and regularity of the weave. Fine weaving allows essential visual motifs to stand out more clearly. In addition, the quality of the wool and dyes should also be assessed to determine the resilience of oriental rugs in Australia.

Country of Origin

The country from which a Persian rug has been made can speak volumes about its quality and longevity. Until recently, Iran (otherwise known as Persia) was the source of the finest Persian rugs in the world, but other countries have since improved their quality of materials and construction methods. Now you can expect to find high-quality oriental rugs from Turkey, Nepal, India and Pakistan.

Age and Condition

The age and condition of Persian rugs in Australia can have a significant impact on their value. Their age can significantly increase their value, but only if their condition has remained intact as well. Generally speaking, more expensive Persian rugs are older ones that have retained their condition.


Choosing the right Persian rug for your interior spaces will depend on the style and décor you’ve established. You can find popular period pieces such as those made during the 1960s that have since depreciated in value. You can also find more classic designs that are less dated and have retained their value if you wish to achieve an antique look.

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