Do’s And Dont’s For Buying Rugs For Your Living Room

Any room design and features can be elevated or refined with the help of a rug. Rugs can either make a room or break it, and that is why making the right choice is crucial. It defines various zones in the room and provides users with a warm surface underneath their feet. 

If you have tiles or hardwood floors, an area rug for your living room can be a great way to infuse some warmth. Not only will it add a sense of comfort to the space, but it will also enhance the looks of the interior. However, selecting the right rug takes some practice and expertise. If you are not sure where to start, have a look at the tips below to get started. 

The Do’s For Rug Selection:

  • Follow The Timing:

If you are renovating your living room, you may choose to get the rug first or in the end. If you want to truly bring out the essence of the rug, it is best to get one before anything else. This will allow you to make it a focused point and build the room around it. 

Alternately, if your room is already furnished and decorated, you may choose a colour and design of rug that works as a supporting element. Match it to the colour palette that already exists in the room, and make sure that it is placed in a location that highlights its patterns.  

  • The Right Colour:

Do not hold back from trying out different shades and colour trends. Adding a rug to your living room presents you with an opportunity to freshen the feel of the entire space. Make the best of this chance and look for something that will pop within the theme of your room. 

Opt for the brighter tones like earthy reds and browns of a Persian rug, or go basic with something more modest like light blues or dull greens. The former go well with room themes that incorporate navy, teal, mustard and tan, whereas the latter help balance the colour palette of yellows, reds and pinks.

The Dont’s Of Rug Selection:

  • Unmatched Flooring:

Do not forget to consider what lies underneath the rug, as it will help select the right contrast. If you do not consider the texture, colour and style of your flooring prior to your rug selection, you may end up with an uncoordinated match. 

Warm tones of timber go quite well with the warmer shades of rugs. On the other hand, modern flooring with dull timbers often work together with navys, greys or whites to emphasize the look of a rug.

  • Small Size:

It is not wise to purchase a rug that does not fit well with your room dimensions. A rug too small will be unable to define itself among the rest of the elements of the room. Therefore, it is best to buy a large rug for your living room. 

You can then run the rug along the length of the room, towards the centre or along the sides, as the orientation of the room allows. A pro-tip; place the rug lengthways when the room is longer and narrower.

To sum it up, these are some tips that will help you select the right rug for your living room. Remember these factors when purchasing a new carpet for your space. If you are looking to buy living room rugs in Australia, visit Rugs Online. We are known in the industry for selling the best quality and the most authentic rugs in town.