Decorate Your Home While Keeping It Pet-Friendly

Maintaining the interior of your home and keeping the decor intact along with having pets might seem like a difficult task. The work may feel like too much at times that you would want to give up. If you are one of those people who cannot keep up their house’s appearance due to their pets, we are here to make your lives easy. There are various decorating tips that will keep your interior intact and keep your pets happy. As the experts of rugs and carpets, we have amazing ideas lined up for you.

Inexpensive Rugs

With pets in your home, don’t go overboard with your rug shopping. Stay within budget with inexpensive rugs so that even if they get ruined, you won’t suffer a major loss. Pets have a habit of snagging and spitting up, and your rug can be destroyed within a matter of days. The kind of rugs that can be cleaned or thrown away, if necessary, are most suitable for you. Another thing to remember is that you need durable and easy to clean materials such as sisal or seagrass. At Rugs Online, we have the best area rugs for dining rooms that can surely enhance your room’s interior.

Match The Colors

 Pets can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating. Choosing the rugs that match your pet’s fur can save you from the troubles of frequent vacuuming. Dark pet hair on light rugs and vice versa are evident, and you can solve this problem by matching your rugs with your pet. Another idea is to focus on small patterns and dark colors. By avoiding large areas of light-colored block patterns, you will have less visible pet hair and much less prominent stains.

Washable Fabrics

Getting washable fabrics is quintessential if your pet has a habit of sleeping on the rugs. Accidents are inevitable and having to throw out a rug every other day would be too hard on your pocket. Therefore, you should consider investing in rugs that can sustain frequent washing, and the fabric does not get ruined.

You can also get mattress toppers and pads for your bed. They will significantly reduce the chances of damaging your mattress when your pet sleeps on your bed and an accident occurs. As for the bedsheets, cotton is the best fabric. It’s easy to wash and long-lasting.

If you like cushions placed over your rugs, then go for cushions that come with a slipcover. This will make your life a lot easier by protecting the cushions from pet damage. You can also use stylish blankets to cover your sofas and chairs. It is a quick and easy way of protecting your furniture.

Set Up An Animal Area

While designing your home’s layout, it is essential to consider entryways for your pet. If your pet goes out to play, they will come back all muddy and dirty. An animal area near the entrance will help minimize the amount of dirt they bring in and keep your rugs and carpets safe from getting destroyed. You can also change your carpets near the entrance to hard flooring for easy cleaning. Another great idea is to designate some towels and wipes for your pet to clean their paws and ensure they do not bring in any dirt from outside.

Frequent Vacuuming

 One of the essential tips for a pet-friendly household and keeping your environment clean is to vacuum regularly. Any lapse in vacuuming will contribute to the accumulation of dirt, which will create an unhygienic situation for the entire family. Hence, the importance of thorough cleaning must not be disregarded. Indeed, camouflaging your pet’s hair by choosing similar color decor is a great idea, but the hair is still there even if it’s well hidden. Letting it stay for too long is not a great idea. It can cause breathing problems and allergies, especially if you have children in your house. Hence, you must stay on top of thorough cleaning and vacuum at least twice a week to ensure a sanitary environment.

 By incorporating these tips in, your pet-friendly home is ready! To get your hands on the best quality dining room rugs and carpets, make your way to Rugs Online.