Common Places For Runner Rug Placement

Runner rugs run along the length of a narrow or wide space to serve as a stepping surface. A runner rug not only functions to tie a room’s style into a long space but provides an individual identity to your hallways or staircase. These types of rugs can transition a boring space with their fun and colorful appearance.

Your hallway, kitchen and staircase will have an entirely new aura after the placement of a runner rug. If you are an interior designing junkie and love to put efforts into beautifying your home, you will love the look of a runner rug in your living space. Here is a guide of the places where you can incorporate a rug. You will also get some detailed insights on rug placement in the hallway through this blog. 

The Kitchen:

One of the common places for runner rug placement is the kitchen. Most kitchens are designed long and narrow. A runner rug serves as a great addition between two parallel countertops. The edged counters and constant traffic in the kitchen demands a sturdy rug material like wool and nylon. You can transform your kitchen by placing a rug between the island and the cabinets. The key is trying a few possible areas for runner rug placement before deciding on one. 

Open Floor Plans:

As the rooms are not separated by walls in an open floor plan, runner rugs can serve as a directional element. Most open floor plans significantly benefit from a runner rug. This type of rug in an open space helps to define the different spaces in the large room. The division between your kitchen and living room, or your living room and dining space, can be identified by placing a runner rug in between. It also helps guide guests around the home, who are visiting for the first time.


Another common place for runner rug placement is the staircase. A sense of style and luxury emanates from a staircase that is adorned with a good quality runner rug. Hardwood staircases greatly complement runner rugs of darker tones. Additionally, they help protect from the sharp edges and slippery hardwood stairs in the staircase, in case there are kids at home. However, be sure to select a sturdy and durable rug for your staircase because most rugs placed on stairs get worn out quickly due to the constant influx of people. 


Hallway runner rugs are very popular because hallways offer ideal dimensions. The long, narrow corridors emerging from the hallways and ending at room entrances are great for runner rug placement. The entryway of a hallway will look more welcoming with a beautiful runner rug lying along the length. These long and narrow rugs can add an elegant and dramatic touch to a boring hallway. 

Does My Hallway Need a Runner Rug?

A commonly asked question is if a hallway needs a runner rug. We say yes! If your hallway is dull and monotonous, a runner rug can help brighten up the place. A ton of people use these spaces daily, making it home to a lot of foot traffic. Incorporating a runner rug in your hallway will give it an inviting and appealing look. Long rugs protect the roughly used hallway floors from wear and tear. Every hallway can extract benefits from a runner rug, so we do not recommend dropping the idea.

What Should Be The Length Of A Hallway Runner Rug?

The standard length for most runner rugs is 6 to 14 feet, with a width measuring from 2-3 feet. A runner rug should be chosen based on the shape of your hallway. Try not to extend the rug to another room that is attached to the hallway.

Measure the length and width of your hallway before purchasing a runner rug. This will aid you in selecting the perfect size of the rug, and you will not end up with too long or too short rugs. 


In a nutshell, runner rugs can be a great source of adding the missing charm in your living spaces. A beautifully patterned rug with highlighted tones can add glamour to the otherwise bland interior. If you wish to buy a runner rug for your home, you opt for us, as we have a huge collection of rugs online. We handle each of our rugs with utmost care and love and deliver them to our customers on time.