Caring for a Handmade Rug

After you’ve carefully selected the handmade rug that will bring the essence of culture into your home, you need to learn the right tips and tricks to keep your rug in pristine shape for the indefinite future.


Frequent vacuuming will help you to keep your rug clean. Use a vacuum with only suction or soft and short bristle when vacuuming your handmade rug. We recommend you to use a low-power handheld or upright vacuum cleaner and vacuum the rug in the direction of the pile. It is not a good idea to use the robot vacuum cleaners to clean your handmade rugs, as they may damage the fringes of your beloved rugs. While vacuuming, if you notice the ends of fiber on the surface of your rug, that is fine! It is important not to pull them out. Use a pair of scissors to trim the fiber evenly in-line with the surface of your rug.


Direct sunlight is not good for any kind of textile as well as handmade rugs. If your rug is in a sunny room, we strongly advise you to put the blinds down especially in the sunnier time of the day. It is highly recommended to rotate your handmade rug every 6 months. It will help your rug to evenly fade if it is exposed to the sunlight during the day.

 As you may have noticed already, the nap of the wool makes it look different from the top and bottom end of your rug. In our home country, we like to lay the dark end of the rug in winter and the light end of the rug in the summertime to feel the season. So, don’t forget to rotate the rug every six months to enjoy the different experiences it can give you.

Also, spinning your handmade rug around will make the tear and wear of it more even and it will spread the foot traffic more evenly over the surface of your handmade rug.

Never Leave Your Rug Wet

Wet rugs get moth damage easily. If you spill anything on your handmade rug, use a cloth and dry it immediately. It is super important to not rub the wet or stained area as it is going to sneak into the deep layer of your rug. Instead, gently blot use a piece of absorbent material such as sponge or cloth and dry it. If there is a stain on your rug please get in contact with us and we will look after your rug.

Professional Rug Wash

As handmade rugs are precious, they need care to maintain the beauty and value of them. Whether it is a Persian rug or Afghan runner, they should be cleaned and washed. At Rugs Online, we highly recommend our customers to organize a professional wash for their handmade rug once a year depending on how much foot traffic it received.