Best Rugs Ideas For Each Room

Rugs are underrated when it comes to interior design ideas. Rugs don’t only provide a beautiful aura to the room but also pull together the whole theme of the room. They create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness and add a sense of warmth and style.

Additionally, rugs are also used as a source of protection from the cold touch of marble floors in winters.  Not only that, door rugs are also called door mats, as they provide a platform to rub all the dirt or moisture from your feet before entering the room, ensuring cleanliness.

Below we discuss some ideas you can use to incorporate a rug in different rooms of your house. Every room has a different purpose and hence requires a rug matching the function it offers.

Best Rugs for Kitchen

The versatility and strength of sisal rugs make them ideal for kitchen floors. Kitchen is often the most used room in the entire house and for that, it is essential to choose a rug that is durable and able to withstand consistent use.

Kitchen rugs are generally elongated and narrow, contrasting the edgy and marbled structure of kitchen counters.  Sisal and suede rugs are resistant to rugged use and have bold colors which are suitable for kitchens.

Best Rugs for Living Room

Living room is the space where you spend most of the family time. They are the spot to entertain guests or spend quality alone time reading a book, drawing, or performing similar activities to soothe one’s mind. For this space, sisal and wool rugs are some good options. These are the best rugs for living room because of their durable nature and depth of texture and intricate patterns.

Oversized rugs for living room are a common choice, as these spaces are large and contain ample center space for family activities. If you are in search of quality and sustainability in rugs, you can try rugs-online.

Best Rugs for Bedroom

Some ideal factors to look for in a bedroom rug are comfort, durability, plush and resistance to stains. These can all be found in high-grade nylon rugs. A velvety feel on the touch of the foot is what one craves when stepping out of the shower into the bedroom after a long tiring day.

High grade nylon provides the cushion feeling with the added benefit of availability in various patterns. If your room’s theme allows a patterned design, do not be afraid to try it. Otherwise, plain, non-patterned rugs give a good finish to the overall look of the room as well.

Best Rugs for Stairways

To withstand the high inflow and outflow of weight throughout the day on stairs, the ideal choice of rugs for stairs are those with tight weaving and flat-woven wool. You can either use bold and basic colors like black and brown or go for lighter tones to infuse a more refreshing and bright appearance.

While experimenting with color tones may be compelling, try to choose what suits your own family particularly. If there are younger kids in the house, it is probably a good idea to go for one of the darker tones to ensure that it lasts longer.

Best Rugs for Bathroom

Bathrooms are designed to be wet and have that fog from a nice warm shower after a long work day. The classical appeal and long life of vintage rugs make them a great choice as bathroom rugs. They are known for their durability and lasting lifetime.

Choosing the right color and material can add versatility and texture to your bathroom. Make your showers a bit more exciting by stepping onto a well-designed and beautifully crafted rug after a good shower session.


This is just a brief list of rugs you can incorporate into your living space and add a touch of texture and theme to your house. Each room is different and that is why it is fair to put in some time and research in selecting the ideal choice.

Various factors are to be kept in mind when considering a purchase. This includes color themes, material, patterns and fabric durability. A rug can either be chosen by oneself keeping all factors in mind or help from an interior designer can be obtained in any other case. Either way, the addition of rugs in your rooms will definitely enhance the positive aura associated with each room.