Bedroom Rugs: 3 Things To Consider

bedroom rug may change the entire look of your bedroom, whether you're going for a modern, transitional, or traditional look. In terms of atmosphere and aesthetics, there is one major decision you must make at the outset of your bedroom decorating process: do you want your room to be a haven of calm and tranquility or a passionate, thrilling space? Once you've settled on that, you'll need to make several practical decisions.

How Bedroom Rugs Can Change The Look And Feel Of The Space?

Whatever your personality requires in terms of functionality and aesthetics, from modern bedroom rugs in abstract patterns to designer rugs with a refined feel, we recommend that you either use the rug as a starting point and build your bedroom design around it or use the rug as a finishing touch to your design scheme. We've created a bedroom rug guide to help you decide what's ideal for you!

Best Size For A Bedroom Rug

If you have a large bedroom and a double or king-sized bed, a huge rug for the bedroom would be ideal. You can select a beautiful rug for a king-sized bedroom. The area rug bedroom should ideally go beneath the bed and provide a good-sized border beyond, allowing you to step out of bed and onto the thick pleasing pile of the rug. This means a minimum of 24 inches/60cm on either side of the bed. We recommend investing in a high-quality area rug for your bedroom since you will notice a significant difference when you walk on it.

For small and single bedrooms, use rugs under beds with vivid and geometric designs to make the room appear larger, such as the vibrant shapes in our collection.

Rugs To Change The Mood Of A Bedroom

Bedrooms are a haven of comfort, style, and passion. An area rug in the bedroom can stylishly change the tone of your space. Use blue and green rugs in all their varied varieties, including teal, navy, turquoise, and lime green, for a cool and quiet effect, especially if nature is your general source of serenity. These colours are well-known for their calming properties and are thus a safe bet. However, if you want to be smart rather than safe, attempt a pastel colour fusion. Cool-toned pastels, such as baby blue, lilac, and mint, have a wonderfully relaxing effect.

Rugs To Make Your Bedroom Cozier

A Silk Rug is an excellent choice if you prefer the sensation of a fluffy bedroom rug or if you want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. The bedroom is one spot where you don't have to worry about foot traffic, so it's the perfect place to prioritize comfort and style. The silk bedroom rug would look great as a focal point in a bedroom, under a dressing table, or around a double bed.

Consider handcrafted rugs for an extra element of coziness. Owning an artisan object, handcrafted with the knowledge and care of hundreds of years of tradition, has a distinct beauty. It's also crucial to know that buying a rug helps to keep traditional weaving villages alive, supports local crafts, and improves their working conditions.

Final words

If you still need professional help, we at Rugs Online can help you decide which type of rug is best for your need. We have a wide range of handcrafted rugs in all sizes and shapes for the beautification and comfort of your living spaces. We are well known for our unique bedroom rugs in Australia. Visit our website and explore the best hand crafted rugs available in Australia.