An Ultimate Guide To Vintage Persian Rugs

The term Vintage refers to a delicacy similar to Oriental rugs-wine. After all, wine has been around since the beginning of time. Wine improves in both quality and value over time. This development seeps into the wine's flavour, makeup, and even the very fibres of its construction.

The elements essential to the composition of fine wine also apply to the design of a Persian rug. As time passes, so does the value of a Persian rug. The longer the fibres, dyes, weave, and weft are in use, the more sheen they acquire. To become vintage, you must first and foremost have patience.

Examples of Vintage Persian Rugs

Today, we'll look at some of the fundamental characteristics of a vintage Persian rug. We'll show you some hands-on examples from our extensive Oriental and Persian rugs collection.


The Persian Kashan rug is a timeless piece. After all, there must be a reason why the Kashan has been featured in so many blog posts on the internet. If you're looking for a popular, durable Persian rug, the Kashan could be a good option.

Among our extensive selection, the preceding example is one such classic. When you obtain a Kashan, magnificence is instantly equipped in any area it provides. Bold linework contrasts with incomparable red, blue, and beige shades that flow from a magnificent centred medallion.

Vintage is related to tradition in its most basic sense: age. Tradition is not created overnight; instead, it is established generation after generation. The Kashan has been around since the 17th century, and many carpets from its early products are still in use today.


The Mashad takes pride in its bustling appearance. Heavy dyes, clever colour use, a medallion centrepiece, and not a single inch of space. The Mashad has a strong sense of floral motifs and inherently natural attractiveness. The powerful presentation that the Mashad promotes can easily fit into any home.

A Mashad Persian rug is influenced by the same factor that gives the Kashan its vintage value: tradition. The Mashad has been an object of generational esteem since the early days of Iran's carpet weaving prowess. As time passed, these rugs remained in demand as a prized possession for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their home. Whether it's a centrepiece for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, the Mashad will always be the centre of attention for your guests.


Despite the diversity of Persian rugs, the Hamadan manages to stand out. The Hamadan is revered for three qualities: bright, innovative, and pristine. Since ancient times, the Hamadan rug has been a popular choice among Persian rugs.

The approach of the Hamadan rug is remarkable. While the Mashad and Kashan use deep tones of red or blue to highlight the overall presentation of the rug, the Hamadan does the opposite. Instead of filling every pocket of the carpet's surface with motifs, the Hamadan fills only certain areas with an even spread of its design. To provide a lighter effect, bright hues such as rich reds are paired with this presentation.


Last but not least, another Persian carpet that does not get enough attention is the Baluch. Baluch rugs are a work of art in terms of presentation. The result for any Baluch is a unique piece that embodies everything it means to be "vintage."

For the Hamadan, Mashad, and Kashan, their distinguishing characteristics revolve around a similar approach: unique dyes and design centred on a medallion. That isn't to minimise their elegance in any way; it's simply their approach to presentation. There is no medallion for the Baluch, and if there is, it is in its format.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this look into the workings of Vintage Persian rugs! They're a fine, underappreciated option in the vast world of Oriental, Persian and Turkish rugs, and we hope this post has piqued your interest in adding one to your collection. 

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