8 Tips To Recognise A Genuine Persian Rug

The rugs tell the history of the artistic expression of Persian culture. Over time, it came to be used as a luxurious decorative element. Initially, rugs were only an object for the nomadic tribes of Persia to protect themselves from the harsh winter. However, nowadays, they can be seen in many households as a primary element of decor. The role of colours and designs in making a Persian carpet is pivotal. The use of bright colours and natural motifs predominates in Persian rugs.

There is a question “how to recognise a genuine Persian rug,” which will be discussed in this blog by presenting some tips. The following tips will help you recognise the genuine Persian rugs.

Verifying its origin

Verifying the manufacturing place is essential to buy a genuine Persian carpet. Manufacturing place is usually indicated on the label that accompanies the piece. If it was made in Iran, it means it is a genuine Persian piece. If it comes from Western and Central Asia, North Africa, and the Caucasus region of Europe, it is called the “oriental” carpet.

Made by hand or machine

The manner of manufacture helps you determine the value of a Persian carpet. Handmade rugs are made on a loom, where the design is formed by knotting strand by strand. This work consumes much time, even months and years. Therefore, handmade rugs may cost too much, but their quality is impressive.

Machine-made rugs are made on a mechanised loom, where a computer controls the weaving. And the job can be completed in a few hours.

The raw material

The natural raw material used in handmade Persian rugs is preferably wool, silk and cotton. Wool and silk are preferably used for velvet, which gives it softness. Usually, a wool carpet is made from sheep wool, ensuring its durability. Cotton is used to form the warp and weft, which are the horizontal and vertical threads, respectively.

Reviewing the plot

To distinguish a handmade rug from a machine-made one, nothing is better than seeing it upside down. The knots of the mechanical carpet are perfect and even, and the white lines of the warp can be seen. Furthermore, both sides of the design are likely to be the same.

The knots in a handmade rug are not aligned perfectly and have a different thickness in each area of ​​the fabric. This is due to tension differences, both in the loom and the weaver’s hand. The quality and durability of a handmade rug is fantastic. Therefore, these rugs are costly.

Observing the selvage/ finials

The auction or selvage edges are located on the carpet’s shorter sides. They are formed to the top weft yarns when it reaches the edge of the fabric. These finials are made to keep the threads tight and together, allowing you to see details of the rug making. They are stitched by hand.

This work has a homogeneous and regular appearance in machine-made rugs since the machine cuts and holds the threads simultaneously.

Design analysis

Industrial designs of rugs are relatively symmetrical and generally the same on one side and the other. It is uncommon for them to have blemishes. There are often variations in hand-woven rugs because the craftsman improvises or weaves from memory, with an asymmetry that gives it a unique character.

Typically, the nomadic people prefer simpler and generally geometric designs. Artisans of Persian carpets are more elaborate and detailed. An expert can determine the origin of the carpet fairly accurately by analysing the designs.

Look, touch, review

There are several indications to consider, knowing what type of carpet we have in front of us. You need to touch and look at a rug to know if it’s Persian, oriental, made by hand or machine, has an attractive design, is soft and colourful, etc.


In addition to all these elements, the price can indicate its quality or origin. In general, a Persian handmade rug is two or three times more expensive than others. Anyway, you always have to keep your eye and hand attentive, and when in doubt, consult an expert like Rugs Online.

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