7 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Hallway Rugs In Australia

Have you ever considered decorating your hallway with vibrant hallway rugs? You can find colourful hallway rugs in Australia, which have become almost the essential decorative elements for Australian homes. Hallway rugs, also called runners, makes a difference. Its small size and lightness make it a comfortable decorative piece to lay in specific home areas. If you are thinking of buying a rug but you do not know very well how and where to place it, behold the following tips that will make your job easier.

Tips For Decorating Your Home With Hallway Rugs In Australia

The following tips are good for brightening up areas of the home, and you can transform them into warm and inviting spaces: 

1. A Perfect Ally Of The L-Shaped Sofa

Do you have to let the legs of the sofa reach the rug? Where should you mark the beginning and end of the rug? The solution to all these doubts is to create a visual rectangle with the rug. This way, you can give continuity to the silhouette of the sofa.

2. In Front Of The Sofa

If you do not know, a rug can change the feeling of a room’s space. For example, placing the rug in front of the sofa in a narrow living room is perfect, as it creates a harmonious and warm environment in the room.

3. In The Hall – Giving Continuity To The Space

After the hallway, the entrance to our home is the most popular and visible area where to put a rug of this style. A square rug is a good option if you have an open hallway. You can also highlight furniture items in the living room with a narrow one.

4. In An Extended Kitchen, Protecting The Floor

The kitchen is the space that tends to get dirty the most. Therefore, our advice is to lay a halfway rug to protect the floor from unwanted splashes. Hallway rugs is an ideal solution for long kitchens. Prefer fireproof and washable models if you dare to lay a halfway rug in the kitchen. These rugs will help you avoid problems with fire and water.

5. At The Bed’s Foot For Maximum Comfort

We know that decorating the foot of the bed with a bench or trunk is a very aesthetic and tempting option. However, it also hinders the passage. Instead of these, it is good to lay a halfway rug.

6. On The Balcony

You can also place a beautiful rug on your balcony. By doing this, you can avoid the feeling of having the space neglected, and you will create your private oasis. Materials of the rug that best suit this area are vinyl and washable. You can easily keep these rugs clean and in good condition.

7. In Children's Bedroom To Make A Perfect Play Area

Children are the kings of your homes, and ensuring their well-being and comfort is your responsibility. That is why halfway rugs can be your allies. You can place them in the kids’ room to create an attractive atmosphere. You must use a multicolour rug to make the room a perfect play area for children. You can choose a geometric and fun model to give the cheerful touch that the room needs.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog is an excellent source to know how and where to lay smart halfway rugs in different spaces of your home. If you think and are worried about where you can find attractive rugs, Rugs Online offers the eye-catching hallway runners in Australia. We have an extensive range of rugs at the most reasonable prices.