7 creative ideas for creating a dedicated playroom for your kids

A playroom is a place where your kids can be quiet, alone or with others, and play. Tackling the creation of a play area is not as simple as one might think. First of all, you must have enough space in your home, ideally a room available to install it. Failing that, a large landing or a mezzanine can easily accommodate this space dedicated to children.

Do your children dream of a playroom? Here is how to design a recreational and comfortable place that will stimulate their imaginations. They will spend hours there without ever getting bored.

  1. Build a cabin

Hut or tipi, children particularly adore the hiding places in which they can take refuge, sheltered from the outside world. In a kit to assemble or create on your own, their secret lair will impress small guests as well as older ones.

  1. Place a large playmat

The playroom must have a large free area in its center where a large playmat is placed. This will allow your kids to have fun on the floor with the toys of their choice. Also plan a maximum of storage leaning against the wall easily accessible for the little ones. These can be boxes or crates so that they can tidy their playroom, once their activities are finished.

Creating a play space requires above all to position it in space. As you know, children often play straight on all fours or sit on the floor. What could be better than a rug to delimit the playing area on the ground? The kids’ rugs for playroom have several advantages:

  • It’s up to you to define the size of the rug. Multiple dimensions exist. Some are even tailor-made.
  • The materials, colors and patterns are very varied and bring an identity to the play area.
  • Rugs protect your little ones from the cold that naturally comes from the ground.
  • The rugs are soft, welcoming and comfortable.
  1. Set up a drawing corner

Are you sure that your kids are future Picasso? If they like to draw or paint above all, without hesitation, set up a corner devoted to their manual activities. Desk, sheets, brushes, gouaches and pencils perfectly ordered, nothing should be missing so that they can let their imagination run wild.

  1. Provide a ‘quiet time’ corner

Do you love to read to your kids, but not just in bed at night before they fall asleep? Plan a “cocoon corner” with a small mattress and soft cushions. This way, you will share with them the time of a story, a moment of calm and tenderness. Don’t forget to attach a bookshelf nearby so you can store their favorite books.

  1. Set up a table to play board games

Do your older children love to brainstorm around a good board game? For your family evenings or to let them play with each other, place a large table in the center of the room. This way, they can share, in a friendly atmosphere, their funny games.

  1. Paint a wall with slate paint

Unfortunately, your children like to write on the walls a lot? Take the opportunity to paint a section of the wall in their playroom with slate paint. They will then be able, with joy, to make beautiful drawings and write sweet words on a suitable and authorized surface.

  1. Exhibit their creations

Your fridge no longer has room to accommodate their masterpieces? Do you want to measure their progress day after day? Hang a chrome cable between two walls of their playroom and hang their most beautiful creations there! Be careful to place it high up so that they cannot access it and potentially injure them with it.

In short, setting up a playroom is always a real pleasure. Yes, it is pleasure as much for the kids who benefit from it, as for parents who took the time to arrange it with a lot of love. The main thing is that it is practical and functional.

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