6 Reasons To Buy A Handmade Rug For Your Home Decor

It can get confusing to choose the right kind of rug for your home. With so many varieties and patterns available in the market, the choice becomes a bit perplexing. Undoubtedly, handmade rugs make the best choice due to their higher quality and durability.

People often get swayed by low price tags of carpets and rugs, and miss out on premium quality handmade rugs. When you survey the market with an intention to add meaningful pieces to your interior and elevate the appeal of your space, a handmade rug is the best option. If you are looking for handmade rugs in Australia, visit Rugs Online.

Why Get A Handmade Rug?

Handmade rugs are made with ultimate precision, featuring excellent craftsmanship. If you need something classic to decorate your hallway, room or living space, opt for a handmade rug. Here are a few reasons why you should buy a handmade rug for your interiors.

1. High-Quality Material Used In The Making:

Handmade Persian rugs are made of good quality materials such as cotton, wool and silk. They are also available in a combination of these clothing materials. Skilled craftsmen work for days to create these exquisite handmade carpets.

In villages, weavers extract wool from their own flock of sheep and then knot it together to form a rug. A wool pile on a cotton foundation is the basic production technique followed in handmade rugs.

Silk rugs are more commonly called as city rugs. They have a higher number of knots due to the fine yarn of silk material. They are also more pricey compared to wool or cotton rugs as their production takes a much longer time

2. Eco-Friendly:

No synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing of handmade rugs. They are purely composed of natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. Plants and other natural extracts are used as dyes for handmade rugs, making them extremely harmless for the environment. Not only that, the methods of creation of these rugs also doesn’t leave any pollutants into the environment.

3. Long-Lasting:

The fact that these rugs are made of all-natural elements makes them quite strong and resistant to damage. The manufacturing involves close knotting of each string of yarn to bring out beautiful patterns.

Experienced hands of craftsmen who have been weaving rugs for years and years work to create these durable rugs. They tend to live longer than any other type of rugs, so you do not have to change them every few years.

4. Unique Designs:

The fact that each rug is unique and there exists no perfect imitation of either one is what makes them so valuable. This one-of-a-kind collectable kind of rug works great to add a hint of luxury to a living space.

When a weaver works on the loom, the design highlights their traditions, their personal story and the surrounding environment. This leads to unique patterns and alluring designs. As different weavers generate their motivation from different factors, two rugs are unlikely to look exactly the same.

5. Soft And Comfortable:

Due to the use of natural materials in the creation of handmade rugs, they provide a soft and cozy feel. The cushiony sensation you get upon touching a handmade rug is extracted from the highest quality of wool or cotton. Oftentimes, they are passed on through various generations due to the comfort and durability they offer.

6. Adds Beauty To Any Interior:

The reason why people are ready to spend a higher sum of money on handmade rugs is because of the glamour they add to a room. Whether you want to add charm to your bedroom interior or living room space, the best option is a handmade rug. With impeccable patterns and unmatched quality, they have the ability to elevate the aura of any room, and add a hint of traditional touch to it.

These are some reasons why you should buy a handmade rug for your house. If you are looking to buy handmade rugs in Australia, the best place is to go online. At Rugs Online, you will find a wide variety and excellent quality in rugs. Explore our collection to get the most authentic Persian rugs at the most reasonable rates.