5 Ways To Get Your House To Tell A Story

Home décor isn’t something that you do every day. What you do for the home today can stick with you even after a decade. That means that you need to pour in thoughts and care while you design and decorate your house.

While some just want their house to look nice and chic, others may wish different. There are some that wish to have their house to communicate a story. Each and everything that they purchase has a meaning. At times you may have noticed a broken pot at your friend’s house, and you wonder why it’s there.

When they tell you the backstory, you then admire the pot way more, and you aren’t stuck to your initial thoughts anymore. Well, that’s because, at times, things alone mean nothing. The story that complements them adds value to it.

For those who want their house to be a living and breathing storyteller, here are a few ideas that they can implement:

Tell a Tale Through Colours

Visuals are an important storytelling element. You can be as creative with colour as you like. You don’t necessarily need to go for the best contrasts and colour schemes. At times, your personal attachment to the colours is more valuable than having the best colour combination.

For instance, what was the colour of your shirt you wore when you went out on the first date with your loved one? Or the colour that you wore when you had your first baby. Make a note of important pleasant events of your life and let your walls speak the tale.

Make the past alive again

Many people complain that consumerism has made everything uniform. Well, that’s not an exaggeration, though. People barely put thoughts into their home decoration anymore. Well, you can make this thing change by having vintage items to get the spotlight in your house.

You can set up some vintage furniture that may remind you of your grandma’s house. Or you may set up a vintage writing desk and go old school with papers and pens for your writing work.

Remember, decorating your house isn’t just about others. It’s more about how you feel about it. Make it the way that you actually look forward to coming back home after a long, long day!

Have a carpet- HANDMADE

You can get a Chinese rug that’ll look good. But what good is it? Your neighbour will probably have the same copy that’ll just lie there and speak no alluring tales. That’s a boring idea.

Get a handcrafted rug instead. That’ll bring with it the tales from the mysterious lands of Persia, Afghan, or even Turkey. Each handcrafted carpet that you get has been worked on for months. You don’t just get a carpet and the stories. You get the love and affection of the artisans who make their best efforts to make you happy.

There’s literally no substitute for such dedication and love.

Medieval Vessels and Utensils

Noting makes up for better showpieces than the utensils from the past. Keep them up to your side tables as showcases and watch visitors get inquisitive like never before. Get your hands on some Mongolian utensils or something from the Mughal time. You can even get something from the renaissance and let the item speak tales of the past.

Final Words

Customization and individualization seem to be a dying art. While there have been debates whether consumerism is as prevalent as the masses think it to be, the truth is that centuries-old arts are dying. When in reality, they should be cherished and proudly preserved.

For instance, the handmade rug industry is now seriously threatened as the demand fades. There are only a few industries that are striving to keep the centuries-old art alive. We need to make efforts to curb down consumerism and appreciate quality art. Else consumerism will eventually wide prevail.

Start by decorating your homes with unique items. That’s the first step to revive and appreciate traditional art forms.