5 Tips To Be Boho On A Budget

Everyone has a distinct style they prefer in their home. Some want to go for classic modern while others prefer a more contemporary style. However, decorating a space that celebrates that style can be expensive; from furniture and decor to a beautiful area rug, it can definitely add up.

On the other hand, some styles allow interpretations and accommodations that will help you bend your budget no matter its size. Here are five tips that will help you shop affordably for a style loved by all: Bohemian.

What Is Boho?

Boho is a style that leans towards vibrant colors and funky items. It doesn’t focus on one specific color or pattern but is a mix of everything. The vibe this style gives off is very relaxed and carefree. Some people may find this eclectic style to be quite cluttered, but bohemian people have quite a personality once you get to know them.

Bohemian style doesn’t only restrict itself to home decor only since it characterizes an entire lifestyle. There is no strict definition of its look as it is a combination of objects, patterns, and colors from around the world.

If you are a boho enthusiast, a stunningly patterned area rug is a staple in your home. Since there are no strict rules to this style, there is no need for you to break the bank to get the look of your bohemian interior design dreams.

5 Tips To Bohemian Interior On A Budget

Make A Plan

Planning can surely take the fun out of a decorating project, but it is important if you want to stay on a budget. Keep in mind a specific price range and wish list so that you can avoid tempting yourself with expensive options. Instead, look for cheaper alternatives for your expensive options and invest a little time in giving them a new look.

You will need to get creative with your items. DIY projects and thrifting are the best way to save money, so make room for them in your plans. Furthermore, a beautiful area rug is a key to any bohemian design. They elevate the rest of the elements in the space, pulling them all together.

Buy Smart

Buying smart is easier said than done, but it is one of the cardinal rules of home decor. Invest in things that will give you fantastic, long-term use, such as couches, rugs, and storage cabinets. Weigh your options carefully and choose what and what not to invest in. if you end up spending a lot of money on the decor alone, you won’t have a budget to buy durable furniture.

Investing in quality options doesn’t always mean that you should go for the most expensive options out there. Many brands have affordable and quality options available that are built to last. 

Focus On The Distinct Quality Of Boho

Being boho doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go far and wide to find suitable options. The items don’t have to say outright that they are bohemian to be considered as bohemian. As we said before, boho has no strict rules and is a combination of fun colors and patterns, so looking for such unique patterns is not hard to find. You surely don’t have to spend a fortune on items as you can focus on the distinct qualities of an item and look for a more affordable option that fits similar descriptions.

You can find an affordable furniture store online or go to a thrift store to find boho pieces. Bohemian items commonly use warm, earthy tones and accessorize with jewel tones and metallics. A key to achieving this style is to be bold. So keep an eye out for bold designs, handmade items, and elaborate textures.

However, it is essential that you don’t go overboard. You need to make sure the whole room ties together. Fun patterns and bold colors are everything in boho style but make sure to add somber pieces to harmonize the room. If you have loud patterns on your walls and furniture, a neutral or beige rug will be perfect for the space.

With these few simple tricks, you will be able to achieve the boho room of your dreams. Some people refrain from doing a complete interior makeover due to the costs, but you can even do it on a budget with these tips.

Rugs online have a variety of fun and colorful, patterned rugs for your boho room. Although if you want to tie your boho room together with a beige carpet, we also have those available.