5 Tips For Identifying The Difference Between Handmade And Machine-Made Rugs

It is not easy to recognise or differentiate a handmade rug from a machine-made one when you are unaware of the rug world. You can find various machine-made rugs in Australia, but people tend to like handmade rugs. The most commonly used rugs include Isfahan rugs, Persian Wool rugs, Shajar Kaar rugs, and Kashan rugs in Australia. It is a puzzle to identify the true value of a handmade rug by deciding on the designs, the knots, and the compositions. Therefore, it is good to know everything you need to identify an authentic handmade rug like Kashan rugs.

Tips For Recognising Factors That Differentiate Handmade Rugs From Machine-Made Rugs

If you want to décor your living room with a real handmade rug, having complete knowledge is essential to recognise a handmade rug. Look at the following how to identify the real one:

  • The Price Difference 

You should know the price is the most prominent factor differentiating handmade or oriental rugs from machine-made ones. You can identify the real handmade rug and buy it by understanding the difference based on the price factor.

The price difference between the handmade and the machine-made rugs is due to the hard-working time spent by the weaver. Handmade rugs like Kashan rugs take several months to be made, whereas only a couple of hours are required to make a machine-made carpet.

  • Check Underside Of The Rug 

When looking at the rug's underside, you will note coloured knots for unevenness. You will also see thick areas on the back, indicating that the rug is handmade. The rug is handmade if you find these. The sign of a machine-made rug is its too perfect back. You may find some machine-made rugs imitating oriental rugs very well, but this is not the norm.

  • The Nodes Appearance

Observing the knots on the rug’s back is the first reflex. A prominent sign of a machine-made rug is its knots that form very straight lines of the same size.

You will find an artisanal aspect in the knots’ irregularity in handmade rugs. This irregularity of knots is in terms of their alignment on the weft and appearance.

You can identify a handmade Iranian rug by finding heterogeneous knots. You will find that some are taller than others and vice versa. Remember that the knots are tiny and invisible in high-value prestige rugs. 

  • The Appearance Of The Fringes

Usually, rugs have fringes. The fringes are part of the rug's weft in the continuity of the warps in handmade rugs. A seam blocks them, called the stop point, preventing the weft yarn from unravelling. You will see the fringes are sewn to the rug's ends in machine-made rugs.

So, you can easily find the difference between the two. You can look at the fringes’ appearance and shape on the back to see the difference. 

  • Look For Colour Variations

Typically, handmade rugs have slight variations in colour because of the entirely manual method used, including the actual dyeing process. When wool is used to make a handmade rug, it is dyed in different batches, resulting in a slight colour variation. 

On the other hand, the material used in machine-made rugs is usually dyed in a single batch. Therefore, you will see the uniform colours throughout the rug.

Wrap Up

It is difficult for untrained eyes to identify factors differentiating handmade rugs from machine-made rugs. We have shared some valuable tips that will enable you to recognize the genuine homemade rug for your living and dining rooms. If you are intensely looking for high-quality handmade rugs, Rugs Online invite you to choose your favorite rug from a wide range we offer. We have a wide range of beautiful rugs like the most beautiful Bakhtawar Wool rugs and Marlot Kashan rugs for sale in Australia. We are the best source for handmade rugs. Contact us today and décor your rooms!