5 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Handmade Heriz Rugs

Purchasing an authentic handmade rug is a great investment, and as an owner, you must take good care of it. With simple care and maintenance, your Heriz rug will become a treasured possession of your family. Maintaining a handmade rug isn't as hard as you think. Even if you maintain it by yourself on a regular basis, make sure to get it professionally cleaned by an expert at least once every 10 years, to eliminate the dust particles settled in its deep layers. Here’s how you can keep your Heriz rugs in their best shape:

Clean Regularly:

Your handmade heriz rugs must be thoroughly cleaned with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. This prevents the build-up of grit and dust. You should also rotate the rug from time to time to minimise uneven sun exposure. Cleaning your Heriz rugs often ensures better air quality as well. If you are wearing indoor sandals, make sure it is clean while walking on the rug.


If you have pets at home, ensure that they don't use your rug as a toy (or perhaps, a toilet!). Physical damage caused by scratching can probably be fixed, but pet urine could lead to discoloration and damage, which are not easy to rectify. Unless your pet is trained, keep an eye on them and see to that they don't damage your rug.


Dampness is a major threat to handmade heriz rugs, since they are made of natural materials including wool. The rug will be easily susceptible to damage. Wool can easily shrink if it stays wet for a long period of time.

Heat & Sunlight:

Constant exposure to intense heat, such as a fireplace for example, can dry out the natural oils present in the wool. This could make your rug go weak.

Similarly, extended exposure to direct sunlight might fade your rug. Even though fading of handmade rugs is acceptable to an extent, the damage caused could reduce its lifespan. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight with the help of curtains or blinds. As mentioned earlier, rotate your rugs periodically to prevent extensive damage on a single spot.

Remove Spillages:

Any sort of accidental spillage on your Heriz rugs online should be removed as soon as possible. Blot the affected area using kitchen paper towels. If a residue remains on your wool rug, apply a carpet shampoo mixed with warm water and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Soak a damp cloth and blot right after. Let the rug dry as soon as possible. If you find out that your rug is damaged, contact an expert right way.

Cleaning or maintaining your Heriz rug isn't too hard, but it requires great attention. Talk to a recognised supplier offering Heriz carpets for sale, if you have any questions about maintaining your handmade rugs. Alternatively, you can also hire a professional rug cleaning service in your area.