5 Simple Tips to Care for Your Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are a symbol of luxury. Several homes and offices already use authentic Persian rugs to enhance the interior décor. Persian rugs online Australia are quite popular for its rich design and antique value. No two rugs are alike, and the traditional method of hand weaving make these rugs last a lifetime. Once you have made a significant investment, you would want to know how to maintain your product. Here are some useful tips to keep your Persian rugs in good condition:

Don't Expose them to Sunlight for Too Long:

It's not safe for your Persian rugs to be exposed to sunlight for a long time. Regardless of where you live, sunlight can have a considerable bleaching effect on your Persian rug. Notice if the sunlight coming through the windows or doors fall on your rug every day. Less exposure to sunlight means your rugs can stay in good condition.

Rotate the Rugs Often:

Now that you know how sunlight can be harmful to your Persian rugs online Australia, you may understand why it must be rotated often. This is one of the most important ways to maintain your Persian rugs. Some areas in your house will have higher traffic than others, so it would be ideal to change the portion of the rug that is often walked over. Rotate rugs on a regular basis, based on where it is placed in the room. If the rug is in a high traffic area, rotate it once every one or two months. In low traffic areas, it is fine to rotate it once a year.

Keep the Rugs Dry as Much as Possible:

If your handmade Persian rugs are made of natural silk or wool, make sure that they are fully dried out after cleaning. If it doesn't dry completely, mould or mildew would easily develop on it. When you buy Persian rugs, ask the experts for cleaning tips.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service:

If you are not so confident about cleaning the handmade Persian rugs yourself, a reliable and professional cleaning service can do it for you. They have enough knowledge about taking good care of a handmade rug, so that you can have a peace of mind. They will only use the right tools and cleaning supplies that are safe and effective for your rug.

Remove Spills Immediately:

It is not easy to treat spills on a rug. To prevent staining, blot up the liquid using paper towels. Never try to scrub the stain or use stronger cleaning solutions, as it will only damage the rug. Contact a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of this problem.

Regularly vacuuming your rug is also important, besides following the above tips. Maintenance is quite simple and if you dedicate some time for it, your handmade Persian rugs will remain as good as new for a very long time. Contact an expert offering Persian rug sale, if you have any questions.