5 Reasons Why A Hallway Runner Is A Must-Have

Runner rugs are great for hallways and stairs. They provide a cozy feel to your interiors, while simultaneously adding a sense of style to the room. These rugs are about 2-3 feet long, which makes them ideal for long and narrow spaces. This means that aside from the hallway and stairs, you can place them in the foyer or the mudroom as well.

Hallway runners in Australia are becoming quite popular due to the affordability and customization they offer, as compared to other rug types. Be careful of some factors before making a purchase if you want to get a rug that matches your interiors perfectly. Choose the colours and patterns that complement each other as well as the various elements in the room. 

Why Purchase A Runner Rug For Your Home?

For open doorways and narrow corridors, a runner rug is the most ideal option. Here are some reasons that will compel you to buy one of these for your home.

  • Welcoming:

Consider placing a runner in your foyer if your house has a spacious one. A runner rug at the front door will help generate a welcoming aura for your guests and visitors. The soft fur of a runner underneath their foot right at the entrance will make them feel as if their presence is a means of pleasure for you. These rugs come in a plethora of designs, shapes, patterns and colours. Opt for tones that help balance the existing designing factors in your space to bring out the most embracing look. 

  • Various Options:

When it comes to hallway runners, the colour and design options are essentially wide. Aside from solid neutrals, you will also be able to find various patterns and colours. Most contemporary designs are supported with botanical and floral patterns, whereas the patterns in handmade ones are more refined and mature. 

From traditional tribal motifs in Afghan rugs to central medallions in Persian rugs, the choice is yours. Make sure that the design and colour you’ve chosen go well with the colour palette of your room, as well as the overall theme of your home. 

  • Floor Protection:

Hallways are areas that encounter heavy traffic on a daily basis. In such places, it is important to protect your floors from wear and tear. A runner rug will not only protect your wooden or tiled floors, but will also provide a shield to your existing carpeting. If you need elevated protection, you can add padding under the rug for increased comfort and defence. Do not skip on vacuuming as it can gather dust inside the fibres of a rug, making them less resistant to damage. 

  • Brings Together The Interior Of The House:

A hallway runner brings some cohesiveness to your home designs by bringing together the colour scheme of all the surrounding rooms. Each room can be visualized from the hallway and that is why, it is essential to select a pattern that incorporates the interior design of each room.

  • Helps Brighten Up Dull Spaces:

Remember that you can brighten up any dull, narrow and boring hallway space with the right type of hallway runner. Assist it with some contemporary light fixtures and wall hanging to further improve the visuals of the space. You can use this opportunity to make an otherwise confined hallway look spacious. The key factor in this is in selecting the right colour, design and location for placement. 

Here are some reasons to incorporate a hallway runner in your home. If you are in search of premium quality hallway rugs in Australia, visit Rugs Online. We have a wide collection of traditional, contemporary and vintage rugs.