5 Reasons Handmade rugs are Better than Machine Rugs

Rugs can transform any space into something unique, stylish, and attractive. There are two kinds of rugs available in the market - handmade rugs and machine-made rugs. The former is a great addition to homes and offices. People often get confused between these two variants, as they couldn't figure out what are the big differences between them. What if we say that handmade rugs are better than machine made rugs? Check out these 5 reasons why handmade rugs online make a great investment.

Highly Durable:

Handmade rugs are proven to be the most durable type of rug you will ever find, considering that you maintain them well. Unlike machine made rugs, hand knotted rugs don't have glues or adhesives in them. This means they don't get deteriorated as quickly as machine made ones. You can also clean handmade rugs without the fear of damage, since they don’t contain chemicals. Even better, the organic fabrics in handmade rugs online wont decay. Hey can withstand heavy traffic for several years and continue to remain in top shape.

Mesmerising Beauty:

Another advantage of handmade rugs is their striking beauty. The colours and designs complement each other to form a beautiful art that enhances the style of your space. Manufacturing handmade rugs is quite time consuming, but the end result makes it all worth it. You have to see it to believe it.


Several people in the recent times have been adopting a sustainable lifestyle in an attempt to protect the planet and its natural reserves. Purchasing a handmade rug will help reduce the exposure to dangerous chemicals and toxic materials. These rugs do not contain toxic ingredients, so it's completely safe for use at home or office. An artisan hand knots a rug with organic fabrics, thus minimising the impact on the environment.

Great Workmanship:

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why handmade carpets online are simply better is the distinct workmanship and creativity involved. It takes several months of hard work to make just one rug. A talented and committed artisan will take the time to create the perfect hand knotted rug that’s not only aesthetically attractive, but also lasts more than a lifetime. You’ll notice that each knot is unique, and the colour and design just coordinate perfectly.

A Great Long Term Investment:

Handmade rugs are usually relatively more valuable than machine made rugs. The best and talented artisans create these striking and eye appealing pieces of art. This, combined with other benefits such as high durability, increases the value of handmade rugs by many folds.

Interested in purchasing high quality handmade oriental rugs? Talk to a recognised supplier sourcing different types of valuable rugs that suit your requirements. Support a tradition that embraces ethical, sustainable practices in creating gorgeous rugs from scratch.