5 Factors that Calculate the Price of Heriz Rugs

If you have been exploring a collection of Heriz rugs, you should realise by now that they come with a premium price tag. There are two types of Heriz rugs available - handmade and machine-made rugs. The former will appear to be pricier than the latter, and people often ask why is it so. Here are some of the most important factors that determine the entire cost of Heriz rugs:

Country of origin:

The first factor that influences the price of a Heriz rug is the location where they are made. It takes so much skill and time for the artisans to handcraft a rug. A high quality rug that is carefully hand knotted in Iran, will cost more than a rug that is machine-made in a different country.

Size of the Rug:

Well, it's obvious that when you buy a larger rug, you will have to pay more for it. This is because rugs are usually priced on a square foot or square metre basis. Make sure you take the dimensions of your room before selecting a rug of a specific size. An expert will assist you in choosing the right rug that’s suitable for your room

Material of the rug:

The material that a rug is made of is really important. The quality and longevity of Heriz rugs is based on the said material. This is why experts suggest you to purchase a rug that is made of natural fibres, such as silk and wool. Handwoven rugs made of these natural fibres are relatively pricey, however they are incredibly durable and easy to clean at the same time.

Wool is a great material, since it can help rugs last for decades. One of the highlights of wool is its ability to retain the patterns and colour of a rug for long. It also has a softer texture.

Silk is perfect for durability too, and its shiny texture makes rugs look beautiful.

Manufacturing of the rug:

The process of producing a rug is another factor that determines its price. A rug can be fully handmade or machine-made. That said, you’d have to pay more for a handmade rug, since they are loomed by hand and take months to complete. Handmade Heriz carpets for sale are a better choice, since they tend to last longer and are less prone to damage. Also, the high knot count will provide these rugs a richer and colourful look.

Dyes used in a Rug:

The dyes applied on a rug impacts the price too. Natural dyes are used in handmade rugs, whereas chemical dyes are used in machine-made ones. Natural dyes are vegetable based and they contribute to durability. They also do not fade over time, unlike chemical dyes. These reasons make it clear that you’d be paying more for rugs with natural dyes.

Purchasing a handmade rug is always better, since it lasts for years and is easy to maintain. Talk to a supplier offering authentic, hand knotted Heriz rugs online, and purchase one for your home.