5 Care Tips To Make Your Rugs Last

If you have rugs in your home, it is imperative to be careful with them. A rug adds beauty to the interior of any space, but it also requires some attention and care. If you like to decorate your hallway, living room or bedroom with contemporary and traditional style rugs, this blog is for you.

Handmade rugs in Australia are now available at a number of retail and online stores. However, the methods of care for each are different. Talk to the manufacturer of your rug at the time of purchase and ask them about the care methods of that particular rug material. You must be aware of the proper cleaning techniques and ways of use to ensure that your rug lasts longer. 

Tips To Make Your Rug Last Longer:

Here are some tips that will help you keep your rugs looking clean, fresh and new. A well-maintained rug always lasts longer. You can significantly improve the life expectancy of your carpet by following these steps. 

  • Rotate The Rug:

The constant stepping and use make the fibers of a rug compressed. This results in an uneven surface and an unimpressive overall look of the carpet. Therefore, it is essential to rotate the rug every six months to allow each side to breathe. This will prevent one side from becoming more prone to wear and tears, and will also help a good quality rug last for generations.

  • Apply Rug Padding:

A rug works as a shielding layer against damage to your floors. It protects the surface underneath by creating an insulating layer for dust, dirt and debris. Extra padding can be applied if you are looking to improve this function and prevent sliding. The practice will also make the carpet surface more comfortable and bouncy. This way, the rug will last you longer as it will become more resistant to rough use.

  • Vacuum:

Attach the hard floor attachment to your vacuum and lightly sweep it across the surface of your rug. If you have a handmade rug, do not use powerful vacuums on it, as they have the tendency to pull at rug fibers at the base of the rug, making them loose. Do not neglect the base while cleaning, as dust can gather in this region as well, and make your carpet vulnerable to damage. Be gentle with the fabric to avoid damaging the upholstery of your carpet.

  • Clean Spills And Stains Immediately:

It is best to avoid eating or drinking near the rug to prevent spills. However, if you have still ended up with food stains, clean them right away to prevent the formation of a permanent blotch. Instead of scrubbing or harshly wiping away the spots, use a white towel or paper towel to gently blot at the stain.

If the spill has converted into a stubborn stain, mix some mild soap with warm water to form the cleaning solution for your carpet. Apply a tiny amount, just enough to cover the area of the stain before blotting it away with a white cloth. Do not leave any soap residue behind, as it can turn into a dust magnet later on. 

  • Professional Cleaning:

Handmade rugs as well as contemporary rug styles require professional cleaning every year. Depending upon how frequently the rug is being used, you can reduce the time gap to half a year. A professional cleaner knows how to clean rugs without damaging the fibers, so you can get help from them to achieve the best results. 

Follow these tips to take care of your area rugs, Persian rugs, hallway runners or even round rugs. If you do not already have a rug for your home, get one from Rugs Online. We sell all types of machine-made and handmade rugs in Australia. Visit us today to get the best packages on home rugs!