4 Ways To Style An Oriental Rug

Have you ever seen an exceptional bold rug but thought, “How do I design my room around this?” It’s true that bold patterns and colours can be a little intimidating, especially when you don’t know much about designs and interiors. In such cases, you may be having a hard time pulling in complementary colours and textures that would go with the beautiful rug. Although if you do fall in love with oriental rugs online, you must find that delicate balance when incorporating them into your home decor.

There are so many things to consider when designing a room. What kind of furniture do you want, what accessories do you want to go for, and, of course, what kind of room are you decorating? But when going for a bold oriental rug, you want to make sure to consider it as a centrepiece. It will be the foundation of your room, around which you can design your space.  

Here are some design elements you should consider when working with an oriental rug.

1. Complement The Rug With A Rich Wall Colour

You could be tempted to go with white walls if you have a lovely oriental rug in your home. However, the rich hues of the carpet deserve an equally rich wall colour. A stunning patterned area rug is the perfect way to tie the floor and a bold wall together. The look is beautifully balanced and does not overwhelm the eyes.

Going big with your decor is also about striking a balance while making your guests feel at ease. You will find yourself in awe of the room with a warm and welcoming rich hue complementing the oriental rug. If you go with patterned wallpaper, place it on the opposite side of a wall that has windows to let in lots of light and create new focal points.

2. Keep The Largest Pieces Of Furniture Neutral

If done right, a beautiful oriental rug can be a compelling focal point in a room. Bright colours, bold patterns, and over-the-top visuals come to mind when most of us think of bold. Although when you choose a rug that already has so much going on, make sure the room's major pieces are neutral. Then you can bring in your favourite whimsical accessories, flowers, and artwork. Keeping major pieces of furniture neutral makes them more adjustable, allowing you to change the design plan more easily in the future.

3. Match The Room Accessories With The Rug’s Color

You can pull a colour from the rug and match a few small decor items with it. This will help the rug blend seamlessly into the space. While the rug shows off your powerful and daring personality, you want to choose the areas of your room carefully that will display similar aesthetics. So, start with a rug and build your interior design around it if you are starting with a blank room.

Starting with the floor is a wonderful way to build the room bit by bit. There is a chance of getting overwhelmed if you do everything at once. Treating your oriental rug as a centrepiece allows you to begin keeping the striking colour in mind so that you can bring in similar hues around the room where necessary.

4. Know What You Want And Choose A Rug Accordingly

You want to choose a rug that goes perfectly with the room and feels welcoming. First, determine what kind of colours you have around your room and then decide on an ideal oriental rug. Make sure to choose a rug that has at least two of the existing colours in order to make it blend in seamlessly.  

Even if you’ve fallen hard for a particular rug, take a moment before purchasing it. Rugs are quite expensive, and so can be the re-designing of the room to match the rg. So, make sure that you are ready to commit yourself to that rug and all the expenses that come with it before buying it.

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