4 Ways To Style A Rug In Your Bedroom

Every bedroom is incomplete without a beautiful rug to go with the furniture. You can find multiple shapes, sizes and colours of bedroom rugs online, with each giving your room a different finish and overall look.

However, it is necessary that you know ways to style a rug properly in a room. This will allow you to make the beautiful rug complement the room rather than make it look overwhelming. 

So, we have compiled a list of ways you can beautifully incorporate rugs, be it Persian or Pakistani, into your bedroom. 

  • At The Foot Of The Bed

The most typical and, most possibly, the best placement for a beautiful rug in any bedroom is at the foot of the bed. Here are two crucial factors to consider before you place your rug in that area.

  1. For the greatest impact, leave 12" to 18" of room around all sides of the area rug if the rug is smaller than the bed’s width or even equal to it.
  2. Place the top of the rug exactly underneath the bed’s footboard if the rug is wider than the bed's width.
  • Underneath The Bed

While tucking the rug under the bed is among the most conventional methods to incorporate an area rug into a bedroom, you should be aware that there are various unique ways to go about it. Let's take a look at them:

  • Top few inches of the rug under the bed.
  • Only the top 6"-18" of the rug is placed beneath the bed in this case. This method of the arrangement must be perfectly symmetrical. To achieve this impression, you should have 12" to 24" of rug on both sides of the bed, so use medium or oversized rugs.

  • Three-quarters of the rug under the bed.
  • In this technique, the majority of the area rug is placed beneath the bed. You can either slip the rug entirely beneath the nightstands or start it an inch before the nightstands, based on the size of the rug you have. This approach is only good for bigger area rugs in spacious bedrooms, as it requires at least 2.5' to 3' of rug bottom to show underneath the footboard.

    • At The Side OF The Bed

    The use of area rugs on one side of the bed is an unusual strategy of rug placement, but it works well in both larger and smaller rooms.

    When it comes to bigger rooms, small rugs can be placed on both sides of the bed while having a considerable amount of bare floor space around them. If you don't have enough floor space for a bigger rug, runners can be used to give the same effect.

    Although if your bed is placed against the wall, a modest, medium-sized rug can be placed on the open side. Since that room is probably already small, this rug will take up most of the space in the centre and become the room's true main point.

    • Layering Under The Bed 

    The secret behind the beautiful interior design of bedrooms is the layering of different rugs. While a single, simple rug always adds a splash of contrast to the mood, you can take your interior design further by layering different, unique area rugs. You can choose different rugs based on their shape, colour, size and even texture. 

    However, this technique is quite challenging. You must understand the art of matching different hues and textures in a way that they complement each other. You don’t want them to stick out like a sore thumb. To make things simple, follow these rules:

    • Choose hues that are on the opposite ends of the colour wheel.
    • Ensure that the softer-hued rug is placed under the bold one.

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