4 Ways To Pick A Rug For Your Dining Room

If you fall on the right side of the argument about whether there should be a rug in the dining room, then you know that they are a must. 

Apart from the living room, one of the main places where people begin with their home decor in the dining room. And understandably so. It is a very public area of a home that will surely be used a lot. And it should look nice. So, if you are choosing a rug for your dining room, you have to make sure that you choose the right one. Surprisingly, a rug can make or break the entire look of a room. 

But if you are confused about choosing dining room rugs, then this guide is for you. Read on.

Tips On Finding The Perfect Dining Room Rugs

1. What Size Rug Do You Need For A Dining Room?

Forget about colours, patterns, and shapes for a moment. The first thing you should consider is the size of the dining room. You have to know how big the room is to make a decision.

If a rug is too small, it can look odd. A rug that fits just under the table's frame wouldn't suit the room. But if the rug is too big, almost wall-to-wall, it can look overwhelming and cover the natural look of the flooring in the dining room. 

So, measure the size of the room, the size of the table, and the position of the table in relation to the room itself. And then choose a size that is bigger than the table but smaller than the room. That is the general rule of thumb. But the exact dimensions will also depend upon your own preference. 

2. Keep In Mind The Dining Room Shape

Now we consider the shapes of your table and room. The rule of thumb regarding the shape is to create symmetry between the rugs and the table. So, if you have a rectangular table with a rectangular dining table, you should most likely go for a rectangular rug.

And the same for a generally circular shape. But you can also try to break the rules and go for contrast, but that is up to your preference. Usually, symmetry is the safest and most visually pleasing option to bring together the look of a room.  

3. Colour & Pattern Of Your Dining Room Rugs

Of course, we will also talk about the colours and patterns on the rug. The most popular way to choose a colour or a pattern is to consider the kind of food eaten at the table—and then choose the colours and patterns that will visualise and spills in the least way. 

You will hardly want to place a white rug where a lot of food is eaten, and there is a good chance of spills and stains. Usually, darker colours with simple designs work best because they camouflage such spills and stains.

Another way to choose the colour of your rug is to contrast it with the colour of the walls. If you have brightly coloured walls, then you should pick a rug that is darker in colour. And vice versa. 

4. Choosing The Material For Dining Room Rugs?

The material is not as important as the other factors you should consider but still holds its own importance. A flat rug will be good enough if you want something simple. But if you like to be barefoot, you can't go wrong with a plush rug.

To Wrap Up

Ultimately, you should think about the rug as a way to frame your dining room table and as a way to complement the entire room. 

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