4 Reasons To Prefer A Handcrafted Rug Over Machine Made Rugs?

You must have seen carpets gracing the floors of high-end boutiques. You might also have seen them at big establishments or witnessed their mesmerising patterns in big old hotels.

Handmade carpets have been around for decades. There is something so majestic about them that people cannot help marvelling at their beauty wherever they are spread. 

However, why should people buy these carpets for their homes? What makes them so special? And where can you purchase them from?

Hopefully, this blog will answer all of your questions.

Handmade carpets are superior to machine-made carpets

Not too long ago, one could only buy handmade carpets in art exhibitions and galleries. However, today one can see them almost everywhere. This makes a lot of people question if all of these carpets are handmade and why it is even preferable to buy a handmade carpet.

Purchasing a handcrafted rug means that you are buying something that has been made by somebody’s hand, and so, a lot of thought and emotion has gone into making it.

Furthemore, handwoven carpets are made in several parts. First, the wool or silk has to be spun. Then comes the dying, which is followed by weaving.

Although this process can be made easy using stencils or machines, machine-made carpets cannot give you the mystic charm traditional carpets are famous for.

Therefore, unless you want merely any rug to fill your living interior, you should always choose hand made carpets over machine-made.

Hand-Knotted rugs help you save money in the long run

Soon after purchasing a cheap machine-made rug, most people realise that it will not last very long. This is especially the case if there are young children or pets in the household.

This is the price you give for buying a machine-made synthetic rug. They always look great but begin to wear down and start looking old after a few months. That is because these carpets are not meant to last. 

Not only are they usually made out of low-quality fibre they also produce a significant carbon footprint.

Given everything, it comes as no surprise that you start feeling the need to replace the synthetic rug after a few months. To put it in a nutshell, machine-made carpets come cheap, but they also offer no actual savings.

While buying carpets for your home, it is always necessary to think about the long term. A handcrafted rug is the ultimate investment for you and your home. Even if you stop admiring the rug and your taste changes, someone in your family will love to keep it.

Handmade carpets are perfect because of their imperfections

Some people do not understand why hand-woven carpets are more valuable despite having human errors. Interestingly, the flaws or pattern changes in handmade carpets are the charms of them.

Some of the best carpets have innumerable flaws. As a matter of fact, in many cases, human flaws are deliberately featured in the carpets. Handmade carpets are characteristically imperfect due to countless factors that go into making them.

The handcrafted rug is a piece of history, and its value increases with time

Be it Persian, Turkish, Afghan or Oriental. Every rug has a story to tell, and knowing these facts is the most satisfying part of its ownership.

Keeping aside from the entertainment and educational aspect, knowing the history of your rug has significant financial implications.

Where, how and when your rug was brought into existence is very crucial. After all, the design was first a mental picture inspired by something. It was then weaved somewhere, in a roadside, home or a shop. After being made, the rug was subjected to moving from one place to another.

The story of carpets is always enchanting, and it becomes a significant reason for the owner’s pride. Over time, more stories start revolving around the rug. This helps the rug owner to resell it for a much higher price.

The bottom line

In this age of information, most people know the worth of a handwoven rug. That said, the majority of the people lack the acumen and expertise to recognise the difference between handmade and machine-made rugs. Thereby, it is best to trust only those who have been in the rug-making industry for the longest.

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